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Mark harmon sexy

Sex photo Mark harmon sexy.

Some are familiar faces Ben!


Check out who's been named Sexiest through the years. It was a nice surprise — an ego boost for sure.

I was unsure of who I was and who I wanted to be. Also, we made him read a vacuum manual — and thanks to that Aussie accent, it was amazing.

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It was a big year for Channing Tatum: Sometimes I can look great, and other times I look horrifying. Twenty-five years after making his film debut, Johnny Depp still never ceases to amaze fans and A-list costars alike.

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And oh, that chest! After years of honorable mentions, Matt Damon — fresh off his hit, The Bourne Ultimatum — won the honor.

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Why all the hoopla? But offscreen, the sexy Dubliner had just one thing on his mind — his family.

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Said costar Julianna Margulies: The man of the millennium was none other than Brad Pittwho earned his second Sexiest Man Alive cover. Then, he was a newlywed, devoted to wife Jennifer Aniston. I knew I was going to get my hands on him.

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