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Art depicting chubby women

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Medical Sciences highlights new findings on obesity in older persons and its consequences for health and function 1,2,3.

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The obesity epidemic is spreading rapidly in both developed and developing countries, and perspectives on the negative effects of overweight and obesity abound in recent medical literature. What do we know so far about obesity over the lifetime? Obesity does not spare older persons 4.

Obese older persons experience a wide range of negative consequences, including metabolic abnormalities, arthritis, pulmonary diseases, cataracts, cancer, impaired mobility, disability, and mortality.

Art depicting chubby women

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Given the already extensive knowledge base, why Art depicting chubby women special section in Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences on obesity in old age? Obesity in older persons has unique implications that have not yet been adequately explored. The authors of this editorial feel it would be wrong to disclose in advance the major findings of these articles; it would be like recommending a wonderful book to a friend and then spoiling it all by revealing the ending.

However, perhaps a few hints will stimulate your curiosity. First, it is quite clear that obesity in middle and old age is a risk factor for cognitive impairment and physical disability in late life 5 — 7. Also, cyclically losing and gaining weight may not be a good idea 8.

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Finally, obesity appears Art depicting chubby women threatening in the presence of other problems, such as metabolic dysregulation, poor muscle strength, and depression 9 The image we each have of our own body, its fat, its muscle, profoundly affects how we relate to society.

It is not surprising that artists have selected the human body as Art depicting chubby women primary focus of their attention since prehistoric times. The representation of the body has varied dramatically under differing cultures and philosophies. Figure 1a short fat woman without a face and with oversized breasts and buttocks.

This statue, considered the primordial artistic representation of obesity, inspires in the viewer a strong, reverential sense of respect. The idea that a certain amount of fatness was attractive and indicated good health, fertility, and high socioeconomic status remained dominant for many centuries. In Greek mythology, Pluto, the God of wealth, was represented as an obese, blind man.

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In most religious medieval paintings, angels and even Jesus are often represented as overtly obese children Figure 2. The Tuscan nobleman and soldier, Alessandro del Borro, who fought in the midth century wars against the Ottoman Empire, was painted by Diego Velasquez as a man of overwhelming size Figure 3.

There is no shame in his proportions, only a sense of intense power. Glorious examples of obesity can be admired in the work of the Flemish Baroque painter Pieter Paul Rubens eg, Venus at the mirror, Figure 4 and the impressionist Pierre Auguste Renoir the bath series, Figure 5.

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Madonna with the Christ Child and St. Lorenzo di Credi — A perception of generous proportions as indication of health, beauty, and vitality continued until second half of the 20th century, when scientists discovered saturated fats, trans-fats, and their relationship with metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

A well-rounded body was no longer a symbol of good health and gushing beauty. On the contrary, Art depicting chubby women began to use the image of a massive body to symbolize conflict between the individual and society. Obesity became synonymous with frustration, poverty, stress, and unhappiness. The media began to celebrate images of thin almost malnourished women and men with unrealistically sculptured physiques.

Fat became ugly and thin became beautiful.

Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul...

In art, the naked body is depicted more frequently than ever. Curves are no longer a celebration of the human shape, but rather a symbol of the many contradictions in society; humanity detached from nature; over consumption of artificial food.

Indeed, nowadays, the women portrayed by Rubens and Renoir would be considered fat and even ugly. Fernando Art depicting chubby women, a famous Colombian contempory artist stands as one exception.

Botero painted massive figures of men, women, and animals embedded in realistic environments Figure 6. Some perceive his Art depicting chubby women as a satirical representation of society, but others question this interpretation.

Many people see in Botero's work a sense of beauty and quiet harmony despite the massive figures. These paintings do not judge size and do not imply negative behaviors.

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Perhaps the viewer is influenced by the fact that Botero's men and women are big, but also solid and muscular. In a perspective from aging, we would certainly not consider them sarcopenic.

But this may be taking things too far. The human body for Botero is only the starting point, a kernel that evolves abstractly, where any relationship to the real world belongs to the viewer and not to the Art depicting chubby women. Depictions of obesity in art provide a context for thinking about the changing meaning of obesity to individuals and society. Of course, we now know that overweight and obesity are bad for health, and obesity prevention is a public health imperative. For the individual and for the society, less obesity may be the most effective way to Art depicting chubby women chronic diseases and promote a healthy, successful longevity.

Yet, it is important to consider the broader cultural context of obesity and health behaviors while we search for effective strategies for prevention.

Despite all the evidence on the negative effects of obesity, its prevalence continues to increase.

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Peculiarly, given the relationship between obesity and cardiovascular disease, it is unclear why cardiovascular mortality is decreasing although obesity is increasing. Better treatment may play a Art depicting chubby women here. Interestingly, some scientists attribute increasing rates of obesity to a dysregulation of the hypothalamic pituitary axis, perhaps related to increasing levels of stress in modern life. Others argue that economic forces, such as changing patterns of food production, leisure time activity, and urban planning, are the real drivers of the obesity epidemic The answer perhaps can be found in the words of Nero Wolfe, the massively overweight, sedentary, gourmet detective created by the pen of Rex Stout: They got too strong for Art depicting chubby women I had stayed lean and kept moving around I would have been dead long ago.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.