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Cat pee on memory foam topper

XXX pics Cat pee on memory foam topper.
Step 2 Deodorize It

Discussion in ' Budget Board ' started by paysensmomFeb 11, Log in or Sign up. Disney Cruise Line releases early itineraries! How to get dried cat urine from pillow top mattress???

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Jun 26, Messages: We let an outdoor cat inside for the night because it was freezing. The cat peed on my daughters bed and we didn't find it until the next night and it was already dry.

I immediately put baking soda on it, rubbed it in a bit, let it's it for a while. Then, I sprayed it with vinegar and scrubbed with a brush. After several tris with Thetis method, I got out the steam cleaner and used the hand held part and cleaned and cleaned the area.

Seemed ok for about 2 days Jun 4, Messages: I have had success after multiple failures with Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer.

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