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El-rouayheb before homosexuality in christianity


Attitudes toward homosexuality in the pre-modern Arab-Islamic world are commonly depicted as schizophrenic—visible and tolerated on one hand, prohibited by Islam on the other.

Khaled El-Rouayheb argues that this apparent paradox is based on the anachronistic assumption that homosexuality is a timeless, self-evident fact to which a particular culture reacts with some degree of tolerance or intolerance.

Drawing on poetry, biographical literature, medicine, dream interpretation, and Islamic texts, he shows that the culture of the period lacked the concept of homosexuality. For centuries, El-rouayheb before homosexuality in christianity cultures have been notorious for their occasional celebration and practice of male homosexuality. Before Homosexuality in the...

Western travelers have talked about it El-rouayheb before homosexuality in christianity, in some cases, Western novels and scholarship have portrayed or alluded to it. Yet, there has never been a reliable or systematic treatment of the topic—that is, until now. Working from an impressive range of primary sources that include poetic, theological, Koranic, historical, legal, and literary texts, Khaled El-Rouayheb, with this book, fills an important gap in our knowledge about the nature of attitudes toward male eroticism in the early modern Arab-Islamic world.

In addition, it is a welcome contribution to the study of a period in the history of Arabic literature that is still very much El-rouayheb before homosexuality in christianity researched. Not for the prudish, it is a provocative, serious, and eminently readable study. Gay and Lesbian Studies. Law and Legal Studies: You may purchase this title at these fine bookstores.

Tom Boellstorff, Between Religion and...

Outside the USA, see our international sales information. University of Chicago Press: About Contact News Giving to the Press. Sexual Discretion Jeffrey Q.

The book Before Homosexuality in...

Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter One: Pederasts and Pathics Chapter Two: Sodomites El-rouayheb before homosexuality in christianity Notes "El-rouayheb before homosexuality in christianity" Index.

Walter Andrews Journal of Religion. Although the book will be obligatory reading for students of Ottoman and Arab literature, culture, sociology, intellectual history, the history of sex, and related fields, it most certainly belongs on the bookshelves of those with any interest in the history and theology of Islam or, more generally, in religious approaches to sexuality.

An important book by an excellent scholar. A trenchant, insightful, and even brilliant book. For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: Gay and Lesbian Studies History: Twitter Facebook Youtube Tumblr. And traditional schools of Islamic law consider homosexuality a grave Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service Published p.m.

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ET Mateen's father said his son was disgusted by two men he saw kissing days before the rampage, ,” author Khaled El-Rouayheb points out that much of the. [26] El-Rouayheb, Before Homosexuality: El-rouayheb before homosexuality in christianity Physiognomy.

. [48] The Christian West and the Ottoman world differed little in this respect, according to W. Before Homosexuality in the Arab‐Islamic World, – is a book by Khaled El-Rouayheb, published by the University of Chicago Press.

book by John Boswell, Christianity,...

El- Rouayheb had written a PhD dissertation on the subject of homosexuality. Homosexuality in the Arab‐Islamic World, – (Book Review)" The Journal of Religion.

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