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American psychological association homosexual parents


The Report is a collection of peer-reviewed articles from professional journals regarding homosexuality from the year onward. Included are some papers prior to considered to be classic research. Included articles range from psychology, child development, mental and physical health studies. A majority of the articles the authors American psychological association homosexual parents the original research presented. In addition, several articles contain analyses of studies published by others.

Papers that are largely critiques of other studies are noted in the summary. The purpose of The Report is to detail and document how the American Psychological Association ignores scientific evidence for its role in political advocacy. The American Psychological Association's released answers to questions regarding homosexuality for a better understanding of sexual orientation.

The following quotes represent the APA's view of homosexuality: Psychotherapy to change sexual orientation: American psychological association homosexual parents rearing by same-sex couples: Answers to your questions: For a better understanding of sexual orientation and homosexuality.

The American Psychological Association has in its past compromised its commitment to objective scientific American psychological association homosexual parents for political purposes. One such recent example is the pentagon scandal.

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Not only did the APA support torture tactics, they denied and disregarded any claims of wrong doing. In addition, Hoffman documents how the entire APA organizational structure colluded to sustain the lies. The scandal has prompted severe criticism and many psychologists have suffered the consequences of a tarnished profession. Michael Honaker and communications director Rhea Farberman.

Her analysis on the current trend of psychology, which she says is being destroyed by politics. I can see patterns that are similar in my background to that of other women I know who are lesbians, but the biggest patterns are in gay men. Every single gay man I know had a particular pattern where for whatever reason, he was closer to his mother than to his father, and there was some sort of distance between the mother and the father, so that she looked to her son as her real equal or friend, as the real companion of her soul.

Sometimes these women were discreet and dignified. Other times, they were very theatrical and in a sense they drafted their son into their own drama. But now, you are not allowed to American psychological association homosexual parents any questions about the childhood of gay people anymore.

The entire psychology establishment has shut itself down, politically. So all the sophistication of analysis that I knew in my college years when I went to the state university of New York — there were a group of radical young Jewish students from the New York area — they were so psychologically sophisticated in being able American psychological association homosexual parents analyze the family background.

Everything is political now. The RCP cites a study by Mustanski et al implying that it supports a genetic causation.

But that study, which looked for genetic linkages to homosexuality, found no linkage of statistical significance. He breaks down all the myths that gay-activists are intentively advocating in regards to the naturalness of homosexuality and why conversion therapy is harmful.

American psychological association homosexual parents the keynote speech titled Beyond Dispute? He outlines all the types of bias in this type of research claiming that no scientific thought should be "beyond dispute" since it is always evolving and ambiguous. There is always the possibility that any scientific belief might be proven incorrect. Some of the methodological issues and biases he mentions include random samples American psychological association homosexual parents.


Furthermore, other issues include working parents so others may be doing a portion of the parentingdelayed effects in which the effects of father absence may not be evident until the child reaches adolescence and that parent, teacher and child reports may differ.

However, this statement seems to be overlooked by popular media possibly because they are more interested in being politically correct than understanding science. Furthermore, even American psychological association homosexual parents sexual orientation was genetically determined, it does not mean that the condition is normal, healthy or moral.

The field of psychology has...

To further his point, Shermer references several examples of the effects of this disproportion, some of which being the overwhelming majority of liberal compared to just a fraction of conservative social scientists, which creates a bias that influences which subjects are studied and which are not, and the use of distortive language to incorrectly interpret research conducted by scientists holding opposing viewpoints.

The lack of diversity leads to the presumption that liberal attitudes are right and those who disagree are in denial. The underrepresentation of non-liberals in social psychology may be due to discrimination.

The problem may be increasing, because while the ratio of liberals to conservatives among social science faculty is now greater than This may be because conservative students report facing hostility and ridicule. The authors recommend encouraging people with different assumptions to collaborate, with the hope they can move toward a more complete science of human behavior.

Alfred Kinsey, a zoologist who specialized in insects, was a key player in the sexual revolution. In his quest to tear down traditional morality, he equated homosexuality and heterosexuality. He reviews the history of the DSM which removed homosexuality as a mental disorder in What originally replaced homosexuality in the DSM was sexual orientation disturbance, which stated that it is considered disorderly for individuals to be "disturbed by, in conflict with or wish to change their sexual orientation.

He claims they ignored some studies, twisted the wordings of others and cited page numbers irrelevant to the statements they made. The decision-making process has two elements: Former APA president Nicholas Cummings stated that social science is in a state of decline with social-activist groups now dominating the profession. Cummings admits that the APA takes positions in areas where they have no conclusive evidence.

To clients with discordant same-sex American psychological association homosexual parents due to superseding religious values, the APA only recommends clients modifying their religious beliefs or shift to a gay-affirming denomination.

The Guidelines dismiss any reason other than internalized homophobia for why clients with SSA may wish to resist or modify their desires. The authors reject positive studies on SOCE, claiming they are too methodologically flawed to be considered scientific, and then uses this lack of evidence to conclude that SOCE is ineffective. The Guidelines also seem to validate the common trend of non-monogamous relationships among the LGB community.

And despite the current dearth of sound research, the APA gives a strong endorsement of gay parenting. His reassessment hinges on his new opinion that the self-reports of his participants were not credible, asserting without evidence that they must have been lying or self-deceived.

Nevertheless, the quality of findings from his study—though inherently limited by the method of American psychological association homosexual parents self-report—still suggests, even with response bias, that SOCE may be effective, or—at the very least—that more research should be funded and performed. Interestingly, studies based on memory recall have American psychological association homosexual parents limitations, and yet opponents of SOCE continue to use the Bell et al and Shidlo and Schroeder studies, which relied on memory recall.

The previous study indicated thaton average, those gay individuals who lived in communities thought to exhibit high rates of anti-gay prejudice, named structural stigma, experienced a life expectancy that was twelve-years lower than those who did not. Thus, mortality rates are impacted by structural stigma towards sexual minorities. In the replication, no statistically significant findings were found, despite utilizing ten different approaches to multiple imputations of missing data.

The replication of the data, utilizing publicly-accessible datasets, did not indicate the same findings. This seems to be due to the imputation of missing data points from the dataset over the course of Due to a lack of information regarding the imputation model for the data, the study was difficult to replicate.

The replication failed to indicate the strong and statistically significant effect of structural stigma on mortality. Regnerus calls for greater rigor in science and transparency with regard to the findings and the conclusions drawn from them.

This movement has also given rise to the normalization of crimes such as child sexual abuse and pederasty. He asserts that there is a bias that keeps any articles from being published which do not promote certain political and ideological understandings of homosexuality. Peer reviewers are often biased, and anonymous which can also limit the American psychological association homosexual parents for articles to be published based on the content or conclusions made.

He concludes that APA, like other organizations structured to offer oversight within American psychological association homosexual parents field have become increasingly politicized, making their perspectives less credible and guided by honest research, even while American psychological association homosexual parents research is still highly regarded and utilized in legal settings. Competing points of view are silenced, in this perspective, and make for a one-sided science.

This theory proposes that socialization and culturation have more significant roles in gender, and that gender is a social construct, rather than a biological reality. It identifies early influences in the development of gender theory, including Kinsey and Money, who American psychological association homosexual parents that we are sexually neutral at birth, but then assigned a gender which is then reinforced by socialization and culture.

A case study of a biological male who was assigned as female after birth due to physical abnormalities was utilized to evidence this. The case was presented as if the child developed a healthy female identity, although it became clear later that the individual "American psychological association homosexual parents" was assigned a female gender at birth did not actually adopt a female identity and struggled with gender identity throughout his life. Feminist psychologists, including Millet and Beauvoir then reinforced the idea that gender is constructed by culture and that the male-female binary is responsible for the unjust treatment of women over history.

Butler is then presented, who advocated for a deconstruction of traditional thought around gender, for the sake of equality between men and women. Some research indicating that boys and girls may have differences which are not decidedly due to socialization, was presented, in which girls appear to have preferences for human faces, while boys take greater interest in non-animate objects.

Studies worldwide do not appear to indicate differential treatment between boys and girls by parents, although differences are apparent, which challenges gender theory assumptions.

The article closes with an exploration of the course which led to the removal of homosexuality from the DSM, and proposed that sociopolitical factors, as opposed to science, drove the decision to do so, pointing to the increase in mental health and physical health concerns among same-sex attracted persons, the research regarding infidelity in same-sex couples, etc. It also challenged the notion that reorientation therapy is more dangerous or less effective than other types of therapy for other experiences.

Several studies indicating that homosexuality is biologically caused were presented, and the conclusions drawn by these studies were challenged as far-reaching. They indicate the complexity around sexual orientation, such as its multiple origins, factors, and highlights the unscientific nature of sexual orientation immutability claims.

Neuroendocrine contributions, namely exposure to sex-atypical levels of androgens or estrogens in utero could shape later sexual orientation, are possible, although much of the research on this is on animals, and the evidence is mixed. It is more likely that prenatal hormones contribute, but do not determine same-sex sexuality. Some individuals perceive some level of choice in their sexual orientation, although the degree to which this is the case is unclear. The review asserts that the belief of sexual orientation immutability is not grounded in research, although advocacy which incorporates it as a principle keeps it from being disregarded.

In reviewing legal use of the immutability of sexual orientation, the authors conclude that the evidence for immutability was negligible in leading to legal changes around homosexuality.

Rosik then critiques the review for its dismissal of SOCE and the underlying worldview which may impact its thorough review of the literature in this area, while lauding its acknowledgment of the over-emphasis on immutability in sexual orientation discussions. As with any intervention, there are complete failure rates, relapses and potentials for perceived harm. Client-determined motivation in compliance to treatment foretells the greatest positive response in most therapeutic endeavors.

With the rise American psychological association homosexual parents the secular state, homosexual acts were ruled illegal and homosexuals were harassed or jailed.

With the emergence of psychology as the definer of mental health, therapists viewed homosexuality as a psychological disorder that could be treated. In the 20th century support for a revolution against prevailing social order, led to demand that restrictions on sexual pleasure, perversions, and non-procreative sex be lifted.

However, the debate continues. In the section titled Rogers goes through a list of quotes regarding reactions to the decision: children of gay and lesbian parents began to appear in the psychiatric literature in the early Inthe American Psychological American psychological association homosexual parents took the same.

Furthermore, other issues include working parents (so others may be doing a In the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list. The American psychological association homosexual parents of psychology has extensively studied homosexuality as a human sexual orientation.

The American Psychiatric Association listed homosexuality in the DSM-I in . LGBT parents can also include single parents; to a lesser extent, the term sometimes refers to parents of LGBT children. In the U.S. Census, 33% of.

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Hence, the authors concluded that the parent-child relationship was the most probable etiological agent. British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research 6: In the paper, 6 statements the APA claimed as fact were countered and disproven.

The study also reveals that there is no biological factor that is associated with or can explain homosexuality. They did, however, predict that the incidence of twins would be lower than in the general population. This study showed no raw data and I found it incredibly difficult to follow how they arrived at their conclusion regarding genetic effects.


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The Report is a collection of peer-reviewed articles from professional journals regarding homosexuality from the year onward. Included are some papers prior to considered to be classic research. Included articles compass from psychology, child development, loco and physical health studies. A majority of the articles the authors conducted the original experiment with presented. In addition, several email campaigns contain analyses of studies published by others.

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Girls do you mind if a guy has an ass fetish? children of gay and lesbian parents began to appear in the psychiatric literature in the early In , the American Psychological Association took the same. LGBT parenting refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people raising one or Many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are parents. In the . According to a brief by the American Psychological Association..

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American psychological association homosexual parents

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American psychological association homosexual parents

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