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Sun, 22 Feb Refresh. Live streaming is not my highest priority, but if you're interested in streaming and you need some specific feature, feel free to contact me.

You will need a pretty powerful computer to do live streaming. When you're just recording a video, the codecs are configured Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating high performance, which will increase the bitrate but reduce the CPU load. But when you're doing live streaming, the bitrate should be as small as possible, so this can't be done. So unless you have a really powerful processor, you shouldn't try to record at high resolutions.

RTMP streaming explained below appears to be reliable, but many other protocols and containers are not. Don't be surprised if SimpleScreenRecorder closes or freezes without any explanation.

These won't show up in the log in SimpleScreenRecorder. Not all containers are suitable for streaming. MP4 put important metadata at the end of the file, so if you try to stream those files, you won't see anything. Containers that are known to work are 'flv' and 'mpegts' found under 'Other'. Matroska also appears to work, but not all players support it. In many cases, it takes some time before a stream starts playing, because the player has to wait for a keyframe.

During this period you may even get error messages e. Wait at least 30 seconds before concluding that it doesn't work. The codecs you can use are limited by the container Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating you're using.

The most common codecs are H. If you're using H. This means the bitrate will vary depending on the complexity of the video. This is great for normal recording, where you only care about the total file size, but not so much for live streaming. You can get around this by setting the codec to 'Other', and then choosing 'libx'. This is the same codec, but now it will be used with a fixed bitrate, which is better suited for streaming.

Set the video codec to libx not H. Set the bit rate to a reasonable value, for example kbps. The value should be significantly lower than the upload speed of your internet connection, otherwise it will not work well. The value of 'minrate', 'maxrate' and 'bufsize' should be equal to the bit rate. For more information about custom codec options, read this. You can get a list of RTMP servers here based on this. Pick one that's near you. After Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating a server, you should go your Twitch dashboard, log in, and click 'stream key'.

Now click 'show key' to see your stream key.

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I haven't tested this, but this forum thread says that it's possible. This is probably the simplest way to do streaming, but it also has some serious downsides. UDP is an unreliable transport system: This is not a problem when you're streaming "Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating" your LAN where packet loss is extremely unlikely, but if you stream over the internet, or even over a wireless connection, you will probably lose some packets.

Since UDP is point-to-point, you can only play the stream on one computer, and you need to know the IP of that computer. You can do UDP streaming by entering udp: With some containers e.

Theoretically it should be possible to make this work with Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating, but I haven't figured out how.

This takes more time to set up, and it's not particularly easy, but I think it's worth it. The nginx RTMP module source code.

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Optionally, Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating flash player to embed the stream in a webpage, like Flowplayer. You can also use a media player like VLC, but it's easier to point people to a webpage.

I don't particularly like flash, but there really are no good alternatives at this point HLS comes close, but apparently the latency is a lot higher, and not all browsers support the same codecs. The nice thing about RTMP is that the same protocol can be used not just to play a stream, but also to supply it.

Plus you don't need to...

This means SimpleScreenRecorder can simply stream to rtmp: SimpleScreenRecorder doesn't need to act as a server and isn't exposed to the internet. First you should set up the RTMP server. Then you need to configure the server by modifying the nginx configuration file.

All options are explained on the nginx and RTMP module websites.

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Here's the configuration that I used:. Here's a simple example of what the HTML page could look like:. If you go to http: You can also get statistics by going to http: You can also use other streaming servers e. Red5I'm pretty sure that those will work too. I'm using this wonderful program to stream to Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating, which requests both a reduced Keyframe Interval and a constant bit rate.

Following the directions, I set the codec to libx with a bitrate at or below -- but Twitch still sees a fluctuating bit rate, maxing at well over the given rate. The custom options field currently only supports 'private codec options', as ffmpeg calls them.

Generic options like 'keyint' don't work yet, I still have to add that. Bit rates will always fluctuate, this is normal and even required for efficient use "Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating" bandwidth.

I will try to add support for non-private options, but it's difficult because ffmpeg has a lot of options, and the list changes between versions.

Would it not be possible to just add the text in the box to the ffmpeg command? Or do you directly call some ffmpeg API? As for Twitch, they ask for constant bit rate for reasons of internet architecture and bandwidth-restriction issues.

They have a page with more information here. No, the ffmpeg command-line program is not used, I use the libraries directly. The libraries have a very different interface, unfortunately most of the options have different names and in some cases the names or locations have even changed between versions.

You have to realize that a perfectly constant bit-rate doesn't exist except for uncompressed streams. Even in CBR mode, you are going to see some variations over time. If you set a bitrate in SimpleScreenRecorder, it will try to use Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating as the average bit rate, but it is possible that you will see peaks that are much higher than that. You can reduce the variations in bit rate with the VBV options I described, but this will greatly reduce the quality if you overuse it.

And even then there are no guarantees. First of all thanx for the livestreaming option. It's the only way i get a synced audio video stream to twitch. Still a few questions are left: I would be glad to be abled to put an overlay over screen so a little log apears on the right upper corner. That would be an great additional feature. The easiest way to do that is to just put a window there and mark it as 'always stay on top' in your window manager usually by right-clicking the title bar.

It is really hard to add something like this to SSR, and I still have a long to-do list at the moment the feature request is already here.

This introduces vbv-maxrate and vbv-bufsize. That way Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating able to at least cap the maxbitrate somehow. Your patch was corrupted though, I had to add it manually. I think that website replaced the tabs with spaces. I've now added the options 'minrate', 'maxrate' and 'bufsize'.

I am trying to make this awesome program work with twitch. Can't open output file! Something went wrong during initialization.

Recording works fine, it is just that I can't stream to twitch. Thanks in advance -- EDIT: Nevermind, strangely enough it works now. Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating didn't change anything! Maybe it was a twitch issue. Anyway, keep up the good work! SSR uses the encoder time base to encode the Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating and then converts the timestamps to the stream time base when muxing.

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I have done some streaming with maxrate and bufsize to twitch. That means instead of setting my bitrate closer to the maxium of my line i need to set it much more less. Off course it might be a bugged ffmpeg on arch linux but i can't imagine that cause again ffmpeg itself does do fine if you use maxrate.

Plus you don't need to buy expensive and hard to setup streaming encoders! If the streaming software detects a slow internet connection, it can send a then easily stream it in incredible quality so you can broadcast via Twitch and share. Dating reality shows casting in chicago. Or sign in with one of these Obs streaming settings for bad internet dating. I would like to stream on twitch however my internet is so bad its below minimum.

High Speed Internet Connection is the soul of Live Streaming. Make sure there are no lags or technical difficulties in your live streaming setup.


For a good- quality, accessible, free option, I recommend OBS Studio; or; Hardware. the launch of weTouchfriendship-cum-dating app where you can not only do live stream.

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