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Dating white man in south africa

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Khaya Dlanga 22 Jan I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who identifies herself as coloured and she told me that in her neighbourhood, which is still majority coloured, if a woman decides that she wants to date a black man, she becomes a pariah and no coloured man will want to touch her again.

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She is even called names. I must emphasise that not all coloured people hold this point of view.

My friend was speaking specifically about some attitudes in her neighbourhood. The only question I did ask was what happens if she decides to date a white man.

I was told that it is considered a step up; the woman is admired for dating a white person. The reactions are distinct.

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I thought that I needed to take a different approach. What if the black man is rich? Will the white man still be seen as superior? She told me that when a coloured person in her neighbourhood marries a white person, it is seen as a step up, but marrying a black person is generally frowned upon.

This kind of thinking believes there is a racial hierarchy — white, then coloured and then black.

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This is not something that affects only some sections of the coloured community but black people too. I have heard countless women talk about the desire for mixed babies because they want the child to have blue or green eyes, caramel skin and soft hair.

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It is all rather sad. Then there is that thing black men do. They will date a white woman, who is not as attractive as a black woman he would normally date.

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The fact that she is white is enough for him. For some reason, it proves some point to him.

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I told her that I had hung out with her friends who were coloured. We got along like a house on fire. But when I saw her the next day, my girlfriend seemed upset. She told me that her mother was not pleased that she was dating a black man. I figured that when I was in her presence, she saw a person she liked.

But when I left, the human being — my charms and everything that I came with — left with me.