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We were feeling nostalgic and hungry on the show today, so Sam spudz asked you to tell us about the old treats you used to be mad into, that are no longer available.

8 reasons why the humble...

Still not over them. Sweating like a demon cutting hedges. Have you downloaded our shiny new app?

Ferg has never got over HB getting rid of 'Fat Frogs'. It was a sad, but beautiful show.

Here's what you sent in: Dan Bars "Dan bars Mars Delights Mars Delights. Solero Shots "They were so refreshing and the ad was weirdly raunchy" 4. Sam spudz "Snowflakes Ferg, where are my snowflakes gone Banshee Bones "I might be wrong here but im pretty sure you can't get Banshee Bones anymore?

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Sam Spudz "Sam spudz smokey bacon crisps! Dream Bars "Dream bars lads!!! Toffos "Chewy, delicious and creamy and so many flavours why are these gone from my life?!

Sam Spudz Snack Foods, based...

Share 4 Tweet 0 Email 0. Browse by Category Trending. You may also like. The Riptide Movement are raising awareness of the dangers facing the Irish sea.

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Donegal was a county I...

Read, share and shape the news on - Breaking Irish and International News. Donegal was a county I knew well as a young lad, on account of my mother being from there and most years I'd spend several weeks at my. The latest Tweets from Sam Spudz (@spudfest).

Sam spudz

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Spudfest was founded inby the spud community, for the spud community. Spudfest is the.

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