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What is appropriate attire for a funeral

Sex photo What is appropriate attire for a funeral.

When deciding what to wear to a funeral it is always best to go conservative.

That means avoiding bright colors, flashy prints, and glittery fabrics. A good rule of thumb is to dress as if you are attending a serious business meeting.

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That means what you choose may be guided by your location, the climate, and the culture of the deceased. In general, the etiquette for funeral attire is the same for both men and women: Err on the side of dressing up as opposed to dressing down.

Black or another dark color is almost always appropriate. Be sure to take the weather and location of the service into consideration and consult with a family member of the deceased if you need specific advice.

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Keep in mind that your goal is not to place the focus on you. The best rule of thumb for male funeral attire is to dress as you would for a business meeting.

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Select elements that are respectful and conservative and will not cause a distraction. Teens and children should take their cue from their parents.

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