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Yoona dating 2019 meme


So it has been exactly a year since the prediction thread was released I'll also post a 'look-back on ' thread as per usualand since I've had a hand in some of the last few years, I figured it was time for me to make a new post for next year!

This is your time to make guesses on things to happen next year in K-pop, whether they be very obvious, or completely crazy! I'll start off with some of my own:. Fans complain that YG put more importance on the quantity songs than the quality songs. If YG really is planning on releasing another girl group then we're probably gonna get 1 BP song released in 1-minute portions every 3 months.

With Teddy as a producer for 2NE1 and BP, so many people have gone nuts - I really wonder who'll produce for the next gg Pledis announces the first Pledis Family concert. OC and AS will not appear. The comeback does decently. Yoona dating 2019 meme and Jonghyun enlist during the summer. Gfriend comes back with a song that does while not as great as Rough but like Navillera and they get lots of wins. BTS does another sold out world tour, comes back with even bigger success than this year.

Members start having solo collaborations, especially Yoongi after the success of Wine, and maybe an acting gig for Jin or Taehyung. DAY6 keeps getting more and more attention and fans, and releases an album full of bops like I Wait. Ladies Code make a comeback with something as awesome as Galaxy and The Rain, the song debuts on Korean charts. Many other disbandments happen, especially to girl groups, maybe Hello Venus, Rania, After School officially. Dreamcatcher get more popular, especially in Korea, but don't abandon their sound.

One member will become particularly popular. Perfect Velvet is supposed to be their "Velvet Side," I think the next comeback will definitely be a "red side" one. Weki Meki will get a first win before Pristin if Pledis Yoona dating 2019 meme with the disjointed stuff.

It's not that I dislike it, but I don't think it suits Pristin. Ya We Like was a complete mess. We Like has many parts that irk me, it was like it was a different group not in a good way.

Twice will dominate Japan with an album and tour. They will only do 2 Korean comebacks this time. BTS is going on Yoona dating 2019 meme massive world tour and perform at domes in Japan by this time next year. Their popularity in the USA will rise too.

J Hope will release his mixtape also. The rule is to not anticipate YG artists, but rather save it till your about to hit play on that new MV. Monsta X achieves their first daesang after having a new comeback every week, sleeps during blinks. Possibility that one is a ballad Yoona dating 2019 meme the other one is a dance-pop track like "Where You At. Will probably win at least one award - ballad if it's very well received by the Korean public like BtoB, dance-pop track if the fans continue their streaming dedication.

Luna will remain signed as a soloist. If they do Yoona dating 2019 meme a comeback, MeUs will probably be very pleased but it will not be enough after over two years.

SHINee will probably all enlist at the same time after their 10th anniversary comeback. Can possibly see Minho and Taemin enlisting later due to acting and solo work commitments, respectively.

Infinite most likely faces the same struggles that Teen Top is currently facing after the loss of a member. Possibly goes a Highlight route and changes up concept to try and bring in new fans. Astro continues along the lines of having a more mature concept and takes after B1A4 maybe having a comeback "Yoona dating 2019 meme" "Baby I'm Sorry".

Yoona was featured in Dispatch...

Long shot but possibility that Super Junior has one almost-complete comeback at the very end of the year minus Kangin for obvious reasons and Kyuhyun as he'll still be in the military. This depends on how people feel about Siwon Yoona dating 2019 meme Sungmin. I'm pretty sure SM has never properly, officially disbanded a girl group except SES when 2 out of 3 members left because they'd prefer to keep the brand alive even if the group itself is functionally dead.

So f x would most likely only disband if 3 members left SM and it was literally just a single person I hope we do get another album, though. I'll be Yoona dating 2019 meme if it's their last because at least it will have made the wait since 4 Walls feel like it was worth something.

I want another album too, even if it's their last. I just feel bad for Yoona dating 2019 meme x because I think the only person who is actually really interested in doing another comeback soon with SM is Luna. I don't think Krystal and Victoria will leave, but it just sucks for MeUs who are given false hope every few months. Amber namedrops MeUs all the time in her solo videos and Vic at the bare minimum at least posed as an '8' on her Insta on f x 's 8th anniversary so the idea people seem to have that they no longer give a shit about the group at all isn't true in my view I honestly don't know if it'll happen, but as long as the members remain with SM I suppose there's Yoona dating 2019 meme chance.

I'll wait as long as it takes. I don't think Amber is done with the group or MeUs or anything. I think she's just fed up Yoona dating 2019 meme SM to the point where she doesn't want to work with them which would mean probably not doing more f x stuff. The way Jonghyun writes is like poetry but that really hard poetry that you just don't understand so you spend like 3 days reading it before finally getting it. His pacing and lines always remind me of Anis Mojgani.

That dinosaur is just Yoona dating 2019 meme deep for us normies and translators. Jonghyun, Yoona dating 2019 meme Seung-hwan and Bang Yongguk should just sit together recite beat poetry over the haunting strains of a muted kazoo singing its banshee song. Or a trap beat.

God I'm not sure I could take all of SHINee enlisting at the same time but at least we'd get Yoona dating 2019 meme back as a group faster? Reading your prediction on SJ makes me happy since I don't see much predictions about them on this thread. And also sad tho since idk I don't see much people getting hyped about them anymore [cries].

I loved "Black Suit" so much! I still can't believe they really sold jackets on a shopping network lol. They may not be the most popular group right now but ELFs are "Yoona dating 2019 meme" super dedicated to them.

Is Lee Jong Suk Dating?...

The way SuJu was talking to them at the most recent fanmeetings was so funny. Are any of you still teenagers? The way I see it, SM is waiting until after their Japanese comeback and possibly for Elyxion to run its course Yoona dating 2019 meme bring Lay back, which would be in order to avoid the logistical nightmare of adding him in so late in the game. Mixnine group flops, The Unit groups might do well but not that well.

Produce 48 group does really wel. It was during that English interview when all the members started grating on his nerves. Poor guy had to let off some steam. If you haven't seen it yet, it's hilarious. Here are the highlights of them killing him slowly.

The part where he says "I'm going crazy" just sums it up. LOL i felt so bad for RM during this interview, he just gave up towards the end. Do you know how badly I've wanted to him dance to Company during a Hope on the Street? I'm praying for this prediction right here. Dongmyung will get the most screentime in the MV by a fair bit. YG ruins his new boygroup with mismanagement a la iKon OR shows extreme favoritism to them and BlackPink is put on the backburner.

BTS sets a new standard for production yet again with Yoona dating 2019 meme that money and love they've acquired this year. I don't know about the unit but I know MixNine is not doing well ratings wise it scored 0. So its hard to imagine the next "it" girl coming out from that. I can imagine Ryujin but thats mainly because she's a JYP trainee and if she debuts with Somi Yoona dating 2019 meme sure she will be very popular.

Ah good point I forgot the ratings: The Unit it is then!

Jun 2, Real Name: Im...

We'll get a combo Red and Velvet album. Season 3 of PD will do less well than the two previous seasons because Korea doesn't want to buy what AKB48 is selling but some individual trainees see a lot of success. At least one group that went on the Unit gets Nu'est-level popularity after the show. Jonghyun remains very popular.

Twice puts out a full Japanese album and goes on a World Tour. Twice's biggest challenger for Japanese success is Dreamcatcher. Seventeen puts out a repackage, a Japanese single and two mini albums and comes back to NYC please Pledis. They continue to experiment with different member combinations for songs and subunits Seungkwan probably gets a solo song, I hope DK does as well.

Probably gets them some buzz due to "improvement"? I really have no idea with them, I hope they do well. Yoona will release a mini album in China now that political tensions are declining.

SM continues to try to distant itself Yoona dating 2019 meme its idol-making origins and tries to go 'beyond' that label and even neglect its biggest acts I think it would be Blackpink, Twice songs are very kpop so western people probably won't like it, added with the fact they have a weaker international following, the majority of their hate is from ifans rather than kfans like a reverse SNSD situation. Better digitals, more or less same physicals and also first win.

No Memes, Jokes, or Shitposts Yoona will release a mini album in China now that Yoona dating 2019 meme tensions are one of the big gen 3 groups (my bet is on bts, bp, or twice) gets caught in a big dating scandal (its gonna happen sooner or later). Late /early Yoona dating 2019 meme likely, RV will be 4 years old soon so its.

Yoona dating 2019 meme was featured in Dispatch Article about. BLACKPINK's Dating issues. 7. A Girlgroup will beat BTS Another member of Exo will have a dating issue. A Biggest New Boy group of Bighit Ent will be introduce and debut om / dab BTS jokes, scenarios and just crazy memes about Bangtan. I'm just. Jun 2, Real Name: Im Yoona | See more ideas about Korean girl groups, Girls Yoona Wallpapers Desktop K High Resolution Images Fungyung ji changwook yoona, ji changwook yoona ji changwook yoona dating, ji changwook SNSD YoonA @ TV Drama "Prime Minister and I" Meme Center, Yoona Snsd.

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