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Prefecture de police carte de sejour rendez-vous dating


Before I relate our process of obtaining a residence permit, a note of caution: Information we found on other Internet blogs was not always reliable and up to date.

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You will need to do your own research. The requirements change often. This post should in no way be interpreted as legal advice.

How I wish I had checked this earlier! This visa gave us a resident permit for our first year in France. The application contained the following information about renewing our residence permit:. You will be given the necessary forms and the list of requirements, which can vary according to your stay. Failing to do so will result in your Prefecture de police carte de sejour rendez-vous dating to return to your last country of residency to request a new visa.

It included some items not required by OFII, such as certified copies of birth certificates with date of issue within the past 3 months.

Taking a rdv at Prfecture...

Other items were similar to what we had presented for our original visa. About the same time, I found an article on the blog Paris Missives letting us know that obtaining a residence permit was no walk in the park. The numbers Prefecture de police carte de sejour rendez-vous dating the online form appeared to correspond only to numbers on the residence permit card.

We took with us everything on the checklist that we could pull together, and I hastily ordered our birth certificates by overnight mail from the US.

This first visit was a complete failure. We arrived early in the afternoon and found two long lines. We understood the line on the right was for first time renewals, and the line on the left was for people who were renewing a subsequent time. We waited outside, standing in a crowd in sub 40 degree weather for 5 hours.

The line on the left moved quickly along, but our line moved hardly at all. Just as we neared the front, an administrator appeared and told everyone to go home. No more appointments that day. At least angry people, trying to get the feeling back in their legs, trudged off.

Later we found out that traffic that day was especially heavy because people who normally would have been at work were off for some school holidays.


The next week we received our birth certificates. This time we got inside, received a number, and within 2 hours were called to the front desk. The administrator spoke rapidly in French too rapidly for us to understand what she said as she looked at our Prefecture de police carte de sejour rendez-vous dating. She handed our paperwork back, told us to leave and to call the phone number on the checklist to make an appointment. We returned home to look for some bourbon and professional help.

They help clients obtain residence permits. I filled out their online form. She answered my list of questions regarding our circumstances and explained how to obtain items required by the checklist.

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Her being in the south of France was not a problem. She met with us in our Paris apartment when she was in town early in December. Below are some requirements and answers for questions:. Our visa authorized residence for our first year in France.

We were confused about whether we were now applying for our first residence permit or a renewal because the laws changed 2 years ago. Older websites discussing residence permits were not up to date with this change. Finally on a Monday they succeeded. The previous week all of the spaces had been filled by 10 am on Tuesday, so for the rest of the week the switchboard was off!

Since our visas expire near the end of January, we still had to have temporary permission to remain in France. With our letters of convocation, passports and a proof of address a bill in each of our namesPrefecture de police carte de sejour rendez-vous dating went to the commissariat 19 rue Truffeau at 8: This time we got to stand in the faster moving line on the left.

It allows us to stay in France legally until our meeting in April. We are also permitted to enter and exit France freely. Our landlord kept the utilities in her name so we did not have a utility bill to prove we live at our address in Paris.

Both our cell phone accounts were in my name. An Orange phone cannot list more than one person on the account. Now we are looking forward to our meeting in April. We have given notice to our current landlord with the hope of finding a larger Prefecture de police carte de sejour rendez-vous dating in a quieter location.

Below are additional details for our April meeting:. As with our birth certificates, this document must be translated into French by an authorized translator. All translations in France need to be dated less than three months from the day of the appointment. Our health insurance policy letter showing coverage while we are in France must be translated into French.

Another option would be to sign up for French coverage. It is easy for them to understand and determine approval. Since we already have US insurance with coverage in Europe, our current goal is to find a way to convince the French that our coverage meets their requirements. As visitors, we must justify our resources as sufficient for the time of our stay in France. It is a good rule of thumb that whatever was used to justify assets for the original visa at the French consulate in America should be used again — now with the addition of any French bank assets and the bank letter.

A summary of our US assets will need to be translated into French and converted into Euros. This is a requirement only for Prefecture de police carte de sejour rendez-vous dating. Most of the decision process is based on whether or not you can afford to support yourself in France without needing French social assistance.

It is worth the effort to ask for assistance in getting prepared. This is long after our current visas expire. Unfortunately these are the earliest available appointments.

The procedure is as follows: Only translation dates of translated documents need to be updated. Documents must be organized by originals and then copies- color documents with color copies, black and white documents with black and white copies. Our new residence permit will expire at the end of January,a year after the original expiration of our visas. By that time we will need to start application to renew our residence permit for year 3!

Can we renew our lease or rent a new apartment prior to approval of the residence permit? We are fully legal in France until the 14th of April. In France to terminate a lease you have to give written notice via the mail, to be sent with signed delivery upon receipt.

The post office can help with this. Using the postal system web site, I was able to mail my signed termination and pay for the postage online and skip the trip to the post office. Glad that you got as far as you did.

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Hope everything works out so that you can stay as long as you want. Miss and love you! Kathryn, you may have detected that part of our problem was our own ignorance. It was pretty easy once we understood what we were supposed to do. Thanks for sharing the path you are on. I think I would have thrown what papers I had in the air and come back to the U. My oh my, I am so impressed with your detailed perseverance. Of my friends and relatives you are the only two I know who could go through this and still smile.

And it is worth it right? I sure hope they see the light — you are the most wonderful, enthusiastic visitors in all of France. Gretchen — you are too kind. There are many people who want to come to France because there is more opportunity here. The government is Prefecture de police carte de sejour rendez-vous dating and providing all the assistance they can, so there are tough screening procedures applied across the board to all of us and some perseverance is required.

It was much easier once we understood what to do. This is an amazing chapter to read. Thanks for taking the time to post it and the warning that everything might change. Still enjoying our photos of our trip there and our memories from it! I found the link to Mon Ami Andy to be a fascinating part of your story.

They appear to be young, creative, and a good fit for you. How cool that they featured your blog on their web site! Pete — very cool. Thanks for letting me know! There are a number of employees but I think Jennifer is the energy behind the company. Jan 29, If you are on another visa that is handled by the prefecture de police at Cité, They'll tell you a date and time over the phone, but they'll also send you a . and I applied for a rendezvous at prefecture Versailles for I was WE are trying to get PACSed then carte de séjour privée et familiale (OR.

Join Date: Aug Apparently, there's an online process to take the rdv at prefecture, and "Prefecture de police carte de sejour rendez-vous dating" other "ces informations que vous avez saisies Prefecture de police carte de sejour rendez-vous dating nous permettent pas de vous identifier. The concerened pr éfecture here is the one at 9, boulevard du Palais, Paris, that deals with carte séjour. Proof of social security cover: for European students a carte européenne .

your visa confirming your titre de séjour for a year within the validaty dates on -de- sejour/Autres-nationalites/Etudiant/Vous-etes-muni-e-d-un-visa-long-sejour- renouv.

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To one's face, going back to the Philippines came to mind exchange for countless times when I thought round the language arduousness and the enlistment possibilities here. So in addition to the photocopy of my passport, visa and OFII Vignette, I had to add a mimic of my convocation in my notecase in case that I will be asked of my papers for my stay here. It was issued in which I tolerant of when I applied for my visa. The lady who entertained me told me to furnish a copy of the recent acte de marriage as soon as hypothetical and to quit it at the reception desk outwardly need of situation.

We have waited around 10 days to have the copy of our marriage certificate.

Prefecture de police carte de sejour rendez-vous dating

Well-received to my website, which details the everyday struggles implicated in expat elasticity in Paris, as well as the moments that fabricate it all exemplary. I hope you have a hairy stay! For those wannabe Parisians who do not get the legal justly to work in France, a seize to the Prefecture de Police has no doubt archaic a necessary and traumatic step of your immigration convert.

As an Australian with no new familial ties to any European fatherland, I sadly look on this honourable institution to present me permission to live and act on in Paris. I have already worn this blog to lament previous encounters with the Prefecture de Police as well as to chronicle my before all transaction using pecuniary stamps.



There are such organizations in France, for instance, for Canadians, Brits and Americans. I found the link to Mon Ami Andy to be a fascinating part of your story.

In other news I can confirm that no matter how many jazz bands decide to play beneath my apartment window during summer , no matter what sort of mould problem may be lurking behind my couch, they will drag my dead body out of my current apartment all the way down the five flights of stairs, no elevator.

Since we already have US insurance with coverage in Europe, our current goal is to find a way to convince the French that our coverage meets their requirements. Is this recepisse considered as a temporary CDS and allows me to travel outside France actually outside Europe and come back before the expiry date, or as you mentioned in one of the comments, for this time the first CDS after the Vignette OFII I cannot make foreign travels?

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First Renewal of Long-Stay Visa (Titre de Séjour) in France

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Sense of humor: how far can you go? You need a rdv for your first carte de séjour («J'ai besoin d'un rendez-vous pour ma you enter the information they ask for on the site and then choice a date for the rdv. Once you are in Paris under your long term visa, go to the Prefecture. Having the carte de séjour in France means a lot of things so I was really told to ask for a rendezvous at the Préfecture de Police months before the date of..

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