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Liveflings com

xXx Pics Liveflings com.

Today we take a close look at a dating site called LiveFlings.

Doing some quick research we've already established that Live Flings is connected to numerous well-known dating sites that we've already exposed as frauds on our site. This list includes SmashSwipe. There are even more sites but these are just a few examples of sites that LiveFlings. Please take the time to read our full review below where we provide you with ample evidence of why this isn't a real dating site to get laid on.

The dating network that operates LiveFlings. Liveflings com on the front page of LiveFlings before Liveflings com even create your membership and pick a username the tell absolutely everyone that they use fantasy profiles! You can take a look at the screen shot below that we have provided as evidence.

As you can see it's states "by proceeding you acknowledge and agree that this site includes "Online Cupids" which are fantasy profiles operated by the site. Liveflings com what does that mean?

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It means that LiveFlings. This should be a massive indication to everyone that they are entering a phony dating site and your chances of finding real girls are nearly impossible.

Unfortunately most people skim right past this and still join the site, many of them actually end up upgrading and buying a paid membership. So, who's fault is it Liveflings com these consumers got duped? Is it the consumer's fault for not reading a phrase that's directly in front of their eyes or is it the website's fault that they are trying to manipulate and deceive people?

Personally we think it's both parties that are Liveflings com fault.

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Screen shot of the fantasy profiles phrase on the home page of the Liveflings com. On the front page of the site the site's administrators admit that they do use fake profiles that they call "Online Cupid".

This is an undeniable fact Liveflings com also admitted to in their own terms and conditions. After we create our account and we logged into the members area of LiveFlings. Every single profile on the page said the words "Online Cupid".

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