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Taos people

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Taos Pueblo, or Tau-Tah, the place of the Red Willows, is considered the longest continuously inhabited place in the United States, a village of about full-time residents, with around 2, people living on Pueblo land.

This sign greets Taos people as you enter the village: Welcome To Taos Pueblo. To visit the living village is to walk into a sacred place where life continues from the earliest of human existence. Little has changed here in the high desert village. From the Taos people to the pristine landscape, Taos Pueblo continues to enchant visitors old and new.

This sign makes clear the view that Taos people village is a sacred place, and the daily human activities that take place, day after day, year after year, and century after century are sacred in nature. This thoughtful attitude has traditionally been visible in the simple beauty of the architecture and in the Taos people utilitarian objects like clothing or cooking pots. It continues to make Taos Pueblo an extraordinary place, the only inhabited U.

Native American World Heritage site.

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The village is divided between the Hlauuma north house Taos people Hlaukwima south house. Each is made up of individual homes with outdoor ovens and more contemporary indoor fireplaces as well.