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Things to ask a girl before hookup

Naked FuckBook Things to ask a girl before hookup.

These questions are perfect for creating sexual tension and attraction that often leads to intimacy. We all know that meeting women face to face is where the real magic happens.

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However, you should not underestimate the advantage that a well-crafted and perfectly-timed text before meeting your date will give you. Even an innocent-sounding message with sexual undertones can greatly affect the outcome of your next date. For these questions to work, you have to set a flirty and sexual undertone straight away when texting.

When you text her that or something similar which will pique her interest, you wait for her reply.

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If she replies in a positive way, then you can begin gradually increasing the sexual content of your messages. The point is to engage her in a way which implies that you find her attractive and want her sexually. This will allow them to be comfortable with it with you, too.

If you then use the following questions correctly, they will build strong anticipation before the date. These questions can also work over messenger or if you are talking back and forth online.

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If you are still on the lookout for more women to fill up your calendar check out our massive review of the best dating sites to meet older women. It gets her to talk about her sexy clothing and about what outfits she likes to wear to look hot. After this question, ask her why those outfits make her feel sexy. This question is a bit sneaky because it gets people to think about intimacy a lot.

The obvious example of this would be when people watch pornography. While pornography is an extreme example, people still feel similar feelings of intimacy when watching others kiss passionately. Also, the follow-up question is far more important than the first.

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The point is to get her to think about that moment and get her to describe it. Describe it to me. This is an awesome question that will stoke her sexual imagination.

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Make absolutely sure to tease her about her responses and make it sound like she has a very dirty mind. Another sex question to ask a girl over text that cuts straight to the chase and sets a very intimate undertone.

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Make sure to tease her about such an answer and imply that she really has a dirty mind but is desperately trying to hide it. This is another awesome question that builds anticipation before the date if done correctly.

Think of how an erotic romance novel would describe something like this. This is another one of those sex questions to ask a girl that segues perfectly into naughty-talk territory. In any event, this tried and true question opens the door to lots of flirting and sexy banter. This is a playful question that builds anticipation for your date and can often lead to sex.