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Post on Feb views. Complutense University Research Group Reference: Narcisa Martinez Quiles Immunology. University Complutense of Madrid. Profesor Contratado Doctor Inmunology.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Universidad Autnoma, Madrid, Spain.

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This is a competitive program from the Spanish Ministry of Health that involves a national competition. Official title of "Immunology Specialist". Positions 1 "Cilios y flagelos yahoo dating" June The 'Ramn y Cajal' program is a national initiative highly competitive, offering only approximately positions per year across the entire country. I obtained a positive review from the Ministry of Science that facilitated the transition to Professor.

Case Reports in Immunology. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Doctorate courses in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine. Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom. Sinceshe is a Ph.

My thesis is focused on the Cilios y flagelos yahoo dating of cortactin and the adaptor Crk during the remodelling of the cytoskeleton in cell adhesion. Reda Mohamed Mohamed Salem.

Catalina Hernandez Sanchez, laboratory 3D: My doctoral courses were done at the Complutense University, Madrid, Spain. The research line of my DEA was centered on the use of P19CL6 cell line as a model for cardiac differentiation induced by dopamine.

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My current research line is based on the characterization of new active natural phytocompounds for the treatment and prevention of infantile diarrhea specifically induced by Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli EPEC. My project is the result of a collaboration betwenn Prof. Carmina Rodriguez Fernandez, Prof. Narcisa Martinez Quilez and Prof. Jose Vicente Sinisterra from Complutense University. The research project focus is the study of the antibacterial activity of plants extract by determining the minimum inhibitory concentration MIC and minimum bactericidal concentration MBC in vitro.

In addition we are currently determining the polyphenol content of the extract, Cilios y flagelos yahoo dating cytotoxicity effect using macrophages and HeLa cells. The final goal is to determine the chemical characterization and the isolation of the antibacterial active phytocompound for a possible drug formulation. Visiting Fellows Preeti Gupta. Background Previously, the PI studied the signal transduction pathways of the WASP protein, so named because it is mutated in the immunodeficiency called Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome.

Furthermore, an on-off Cilios y flagelos yahoo dating mechanism regulated by Erk and Src phosphorylation of cortactin was proposed [3]. The model has since been featured in various reviews and commentaries []. This model, called the S-Y switch" has been studied in Cilios y flagelos yahoo dating fields [8, 9] and was the start point for the research lines in our group. Lines of research Inour group initiated completely independent lines of research to study cortactin regulation using the model of infection enteropathogenic Escherichia coli EPECwhich adheres to cells by forming actin pedestals [10, 11].

During this period, we established collaborations to study the role of cortactin in the infection of cells by Helicobacter pylori [12] and by Coxiella Burnetti [13]. Another line of research developed has been the study of the regulation of cortactin by post-translational modifications and its role in cell spreading [14].

Thus we have characterized a novel cortactin-FAK complex that functions as a molecular clutch in integrin activation [12, 14]. In addition, we found a competettion between the acetylation and Cilios y flagelos yahoo dating phosphorylation of cortactin and that phosphorylation inhibits cell spreading.

Furthermore, we demonstrate that cell spreading promotes the association of cortactin and FAK and that tyrosine phosphorylation of cortactin disrupts this interaction, which may explain how it inhibits cell spreading [14].

Our future research plan is to continue investigating actin-based motility processes. This includes pathways responsible for cell migration and adhesion. Our recent research project is centered in the study of the regulation and signaling pathways mediated by the oncoprotein cortactin.

Cortactin favours the polymerization of actin in diverse processes by interacting with different proteins in its role as a scaffolding protein. This implies that insights into cortactin regulation and activity will have repercussions in many research fields such as cell migration and bacterial invasion of host cells.

On the other side, the locus encoding cortactin protein CTTN is located in the 11q13 region, which is amplified in human carcinomas [15]. Numerous studies suggest that overexpression of cortactin leads to increased cell migration and metastasis. In addition, phosphorylation of cortactin on tyrosine is currently under consideration as a prognostic marker [19]. Nat Cell Biol, Mol Cell Biol, Commun Integr Biol, Low, Cortactin phosphorylation as a switch for actin cytoskeletal network and cell dynamics control.

J Cell Sci, Am J Physiol Cell Physiol, Cell Commun Signal, Cell Host Microbe, Martinez-Quiles, Cortactin tyrosine phosphorylation promotes its deacetylation and inhibits cell spreading. Funding Study of the regulation and signal transduction pathways of the oncoprotein Cortactin during cellular and bacterial motility. Dec Study of the protein Cortactin: Dec Cortactin Cilios y flagelos yahoo dating and actin dynamics control in cell migration and bacterial invasion.

Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant.

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JulyTO: Dec, Publications Book Chapters 1 E. Cortactin, an oncoprotein targeted by pathogens during infection. Genetic factors that influence HIV infection: Nieto-Pelegrin E, Meiler E. Crk adaptors proteins negatively regulate actin polymerization at pedestals formed by Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli.

Cortactin is involved in the entry of Coxiella burnetii into non-phagocytic cells. PLoS One 7, e Cortactin tyrosine phosphorylation promotes its deacetylation and inhibits cell spreading. Serine phosphorylation of cortactin controls focal adhesion kinase activity and cell scattering induced by Helicobacter pylori. Cell Host Microbe 9, Faculty of 6.

Cell Commun Signal 7, larg Artes y nomeação consultoria vereadora fundamentalistas flagelo fazer-me Fazemos faro Evite 99 compartilhamento 99 comparecido 99 cílios 99 Cipriano 99 Chi 99 Cauby 39 Zanardi 39 "Cilios y flagelos yahoo dating" 39 Yamada 39 Yahoo 39 ya 39 würzburg 39 Win95 CILIOS Y FLAGELOS EN CÉLULAS EUCARIOTAS los cilios y los flagelos tienen la misma estructura,difiriendo en el numero y la longitud.

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