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Women with multiple boobs

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The story of a woman who claims to have had a third Women with multiple boobs attached to her chest has caused disgust and incredulity worldwide. But while images of the year-old, who calls herself Jasmine Women with multiple boobs, may be nothing more than a hoax to gain attention and a reality TV show, it is in fact possible to have three breasts naturally.

Nipples are formed in the womb Women with multiple boobs develop along two lines of glandular tissue known as the milk lines. These begin in the underarm, run down the chest and abdomen and extend to the groin. When an embryo is just six weeks old, nipples develop along these lines and then by week nine, most of the remaining tissue regresses.

It is estimated that one in 18 people have extra nipples, which are usually small and easily mistakable for a mole, and Harry Styles, Lily Allen and Mark Wahlberg are all high-profile members of the 'triple nipple club'.

But it's also possible for a nipple to develop alongside breast tissue — hence three perfectly naturally breasts. Harry Styles has more than two nipples.

Size zero and live off burgers? Surprising food that's not suitable for vegetarians. Author Gillian Philip, from Elgin, Scotland, says that her only concern with her two extra nipples was that they might develop into breasts.

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And while Ms Tridevil claims she had an extra breast added to deter men, Philip says partners are more curious than concerned — some even ask if they really are Women with multiple boobs. And Women with multiple boobs many still consider extra nipples to be an oddity, celebrity figureheads help raise awareness of the many thousands of people who are born with more than the standard two nipples.

The story of a woman...

Anyone born with a whole extra breast would be likely to have Women with multiple boobs surgically Women with multiple boobs, and the thought of having a third breast implanted destroys all notions of what the human body should look like.

But a third nipple plus extra breast tissue is perfectly possible naturally, and additional nipples are relatively common. So please, can we abandon all thoughts of a Ms Tridevil reality TV show now? Find your perfect match. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

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Friday 16 November The triple nipple club: Read more from Women. The Women with multiple boobs of a woman who claims to have had a third breast attached to her chest has caused disgust and incredulity worldwide. But while.

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If I told you that Women with multiple boobs to 6% of the female population have an extra breast, you third of all people with polymastia have more than one area of extra tissue growth. Another study reported that 5% of Japanese women but only % of with multiple breasts, and followers of her Phoenician counterpart.

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