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A mans point of view on hookup

Porn tube A mans point of view on hookup.
There's been lots of talk...

Last week, I did a breakdown of all the contestants on The Bachelorette. This is the first one they sent:. Which one do guys like best?

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These questions about dating apps give guys way too much credit. Honestly, we are on these apps to have sex first and then meet you after.

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What Guys Think Of You: You go to brunch with your girls and share screenshots of horrible Bumble conversations. You want a boyfriend but you kind of like the attention involved in not having a boyfriend.

We can swipe during every poop until we find a girl who will meet up late night. Since the girls have to message us, it cuts down the time from swipe to vagina.

Why You Should Join: You have sweatpants with something written on the butt. You think avocado toast is just avocado on toast.

We are using it if we are in a town that Bumble options run out halfway through a poop. Thanks to our incredible ego, every match is an option and that either means too many dates or no dates at all since we are spinning too many plates.

To have sex with a stranger with a cursive tattoo whose could be part of a fun story to tell our friends.

Guys also feel deeply and...

Your last 30 tagged pictures are from weddings you were in. The last wedding you attended was a couple that met on Hinge.

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We are dealing with it. Because they were spending too much time on Bumble and Hinge is like a Weight Watchers portion controlled bite of being out there. We like the idea of it. You can have things happen quickly.

An app that lets us meet someone we walked by and thought was hot? This has to be a trap. Your mom really wants you to settle down. It gives you so few girls that you really have to read each profile and do your due diligence. You love telling people about your hipster part of town.

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Your parents still pay your rent. You work at a Starbucks but you tell people you work in the arts. We love it because we get to talk badly about all the other people on apps while still being able to be on an app.