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Datingsitebuilder legit


Their script is garbage!!! Their customer service is garbage!!! They supply no phone number except for sales; go figure. If your looking for a refund forget it. Once you order you will never see the money again. I tried to get a refund through them, paypal, and co2checkout with no success. It took them a week just to set it up. The profiles that are used are from hundreds of different websites with Datingsitebuilder legit real active users.

They are a scam artists! They turned my website off in the middle of my paid subscription probably because there was a bug in the script they could not fix. So not only did I pay for a full Datingsitebuilder legit of service and only recieved less than half, they decided to use the real people that signed up through my website for there own gain.

I will do anything and everything to let people Datingsitebuilder legit how bad it really is. I should have listened to the reviews that I read but I tried Datingsitebuilder legit give them a try anyway.

Whatever you read about them it is true. Do not even think about signing up. Its not worth it. Datingsitebuilder legit I read before i signed up that there where a 30 day money Datingsitebuilder legit gurantee usd is setup fee I Datingsitebuilder legit okay then I at Datingsitebuilder legit get usd back. I Datingsitebuilder legit to use the online support tool and I made a support ticket.

I asked to get a refund, but in the next reply from the company they suggested that I should try Datingsitebuilder legit website again since they opened up some things for "Datingsitebuilder legit" so that I could edit more than before and so to speak adjust the Datingsitebuilder legit a little more.

I did not want to try anything since I the website features where not what I had hoped for or wanted to use, so I instanly wrote back that I was unfortunatly not interested and would like a refund and use my 30 day's money back gurantee. After that I Datingsitebuilder legit back a few days later and could see that now my status in the support ticket had changed to "in process" i think it said something like that Today about 14 days - 20 days later the website is down, and I Datingsitebuilder legit have not had a refund to my "mastercard".

So I will try to come back again and again for a Datingsitebuilder legit more days, and then I will contact the bank and tell them I have been a victim of fraud. But lets see I hope the site will come backup and that everything is okay, but it doubt it. Sincerely Peter From Denmark. To follow up on my previous post.

I have for some time now been waiting for a refund of my money. I asked c2o that is the payment system to stop any "Datingsitebuilder legit" from datingsitebuilder but they did not listen even though i have shown them this page, and also show them where it say there is a 30 day money back gurantee on datingsite builder. I have imidiatly contacted my bank and aske them to Block my card due to Fraud by datingsitebuilder.

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I know there are not that many reports on this website, but I think this is just the top of the Datingsitebuilder legit. Great software here in dating site builder, great support, and good price compared to services. It's very easy to customize, especially I can easily drag and drop contents. Support is Datingsitebuilder legit to help desk but response is fast. Overall, using the dating site builder is easier than riding on the wave!

I am a newly signed client to the dating site builder, the support team is friendly and supporting one. They have tried to resolve the issues on chat it self. For some I had to place a ticket which was updated with in few minutes. I am glad to be here and the service they provide is great. I Signed up for the Dating Site Builder. Called the toll free and support walked me through the setup. I thought it's fair enough. Sent Datingsitebuilder legit my design in PSD, Datingsitebuilder legit integrated it with my website in 2 days.

Support has been helpful. You may have to Datingsitebuilder legit for Senior Admin. I know they have some Jr. But they show willingness to help. I am satisfied with the service they rendered. In addition to slew of great feature they some how manage to eliminate scammers, which are plenty everywhere else. Way better than other website builder. Online dating, whether free or paid for, always has "Datingsitebuilder legit" people, misfits, depressed people, and for lack of a better term, creeps.

Guess what other place has this as well? The nice thing about dating site builder is that there are plenty of decent, real people. DSB forces people to write a profile, the layout is decent, and those simple quiz questions are a good way to test people's values and knowledge.

I met and had a girlfriend from overseas using dating site builder.

Reviews on dating site builder....

That Datingsitebuilder legit one thing people don't realize, there Datingsitebuilder legit people from all over the world, not just the US on the site. Ultimately, the Datingsitebuilder legit is free.

In my experience, dating site builder is much better than any other dating sites. The tests are worth joining alone. It is a good site, I have used it myself. I have meet some good people on this dating site. I haven't paid once on dating site builder. I use it free and I meet Quality and interesting women of all ages around Vancouver Island and Mainland.

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This is the real deal if you want Real full spectrum relationships. It's superior for a free service. Dating and "Datingsitebuilder legit" comment that there is no other site like dating site builder which is free and easy to navigate and recommend to others also. I never been served this kind of service before as good as Dating Sitebuilder, from the fast customization ranging a day or two until the maintenance of the site.

Thank you for Datingsitebuilder legit causing headache. The thing you call crappy script are all well functioning in me. I just don't know whats happening in your site and what condition you are having right now just laugh at your post giving negative reviews in this very Datingsitebuilder legit functioning company. Datingsitebuilder legit be this thankful to the dating site builder. I adore your company this much.!!! Thank you for Datingsitebuilder legit my site well functioning and for having this good reviews from my members.

I am definitely satisfied with your technical support to which Queries were punctually answered and addressed. Thank you so much. I cant believe I didn't check the reviews first, what was I thinking?

I am trying to build "Datingsitebuilder legit" social network Datingsitebuilder legit after a quick search I came across this "Datingsitebuilder legit." It looked reasonable and I paid for "Datingsitebuilder legit" premium package, everything looked alright and smooth until after I paid then all of a sudden their "client log in" is down and not responding?

Their support is mysteriously down too? I am glad I paid with Paypal just in case I need to Datingsitebuilder legit a refund. I rule that this is a fraud and any of their workers that want to contact me please do, I would gladly provide you with my order number and whatever you need to know!

Online Dating Services Datingsitebuilder. matches Dating site builder coupon Datingsitebuilder legit - Rich man looking for older woman & younger man.

Reviews on dating site builder....

Datingsitebuilder legit laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old. 24 Nov is able to correct the false birth date IMDB has posted under my profile ( 6 of 10 Imdb Reviews As I need it to be able to use.

The Good. the Bad and The Ugly! It is Datingsitebuilder legit that most of what you read on these reviews are true about Dating Site Builder.

Lets start with the.

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