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Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction


In the two weeks following I found that my trips to the Urologist brought the news that no man wants to hear.

Risky sexual behavior among vulnerable...

Yet, like overmen each year in the US I was faced with the issue of treatment Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction and the consequences that followed. My diagnosis age — Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction treatment age My age today…soon to be My motive for writing this blog…to offer practical information and hope. Beyond surviving prostate cancer — which detected early — is quite survivable, the main question that I hear from men — either after diagnosis or soon after treatment — relates to the return of sexual function.

Frankly, that question is often a matter of concern to their partner as well. Since I have been open and quite transparent about my experiences, I often get calls from partners and prostate cancer survivors asking for help in know what to expect and when. I elected to use the DaVinci Surgical Method and am very pleased with the results. But, immediately following surgery and for sometime thereafter I have to admit as you can Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction in the blog entries above I was less that pleased with my sexual function — or lack thereof.

Think of your prostate as a small balloon and the nerves that allow for an erection to take place as silly string that has been Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction on the balloon. That to our bodies is normal. Ah…and those formerly comfortable nerves and now completely disturbed — crushed if you will — on the shell of the balloon that for so long was nicely Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction. Then…one day, their world changes and no longer are they comfortable.

For those who find this too simplistic…sorry, the example here is practical, understandable and it works. Anything that is changed that much fails to function normally.

That, my friends, is where your body is following prostate cancer treatment. The remainder is an adult conversation so understand that as you read. Go do something else, this blog is not for you. Otherwise, I will hold nothing back and do my best to provide honest practical advice that can help the reader in Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction long run.

If you had a knee replaced or a hip replaced, after the surgery would you participate in extensive rehabilitation or would you sit on the couch and assume that with time it would just get better? They regained primary function of their legs, etc. Guys…the same is true with your nerves and penis. I recall a physician at Johns Hopkins sitting with me and having a frank conversation regarding sexual function following prostate cancer surgery. But, as he explained it, it really all made sense.

Recognize your age and understand that sexual function for me tends to decrease with a natural decrease in testosterone as we age. My Doc preceded to share some practical wisdom. Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction said, something to the Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction, that when prior to surgery "Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction" and your wife had sex — you were making love.

It was an experience of pleasure between two people. It was not clinical. Now, however, the Doc proceeded to share — you need clinical help — rehab of sorts. Rather, you need to understand that the more you exercise the entire sexual function, including your penis, the greater the chance of a complete recovery.

Love making is love making. Keep in mind, the Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction is to reteach the nerves to carry the signal from the brain to the penis. You are rehabbing your body. There is a difference between sexual stimulation for rehab and intimacy and loving making with your partner. However, the most important factor is open and honest communication between you both. Your partner needs to know that your body has changed and that the actions she once took to stimulate you may not work now.

Does that mean you love her any less? What it does mean is — stimulation is more work now than it was. Likewise, you both need to know that it will likely take more effort to achieve an orgasm than it once did and that, again, changes the interaction between the two of you and needs if not requires honest and open communication.

For example, my wife understands that today sexual stimulation, for me, requires greater tactile touch — which, candidly, is more work on her part. Further, we have found that my internal thermometer is a bit out of whack…cause if I get the least bit hot, my ability to maintain an erection is diminished greatly.

Honest communication also requires a frank discussion about how one might be stimulated for rehab and the frequency of rehab activities. I was told that I should work to obtain an erection approximately 4 to 5 times per week. Further, it is unreasonable to assume that your partner wife, spouse, partner, whatever should be expected "Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction" be there when you feel its time to rehab. That said, where do you get your stimulation?

You might find it Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction to dismiss modern misconceptions about sex and sexual stimulation if you truly wish to regain sexual function without injections, pills, or pumps.

Where do you find stimulation? Pick it — the Victoria Secret catalog — the internet porn Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction free ones — magazines — sexually oriented videos — whatever.

As I close this long blog out…I just realized that I am now 5 years cancer free. Then I realized that I was expecting too much too soon and the pressure I was placing on myself was a contributing factor in my lack of performance. Now, looking back, it was just as my doctor had suggested.

It does take time. And, yes, I followed his orders to participate in sexual rehabilitation and it paid off. While I have a prescription for Viagra I rarely use it maybe one pill in the past 18 months. Does every sexual encounter end with orgasmic ecstasy — no, but then I am fortunate in that my wife and I understand that — that too — is part of life.

We love each other and our time together. There is hope for a normal life — or shall I say — a normal sex life following prostate cancer. As a prostate cancer survivor I am writing a book on the subject and including in that a substantial part for the partners of those diagnosed with prostate cancer. As part of that, I, from time to time counsel with folks at no charge to help them open the realities of rehabilitation and communication.

If you feel Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction a phone conversation individually or as a couple would be of benefit…send me an email at chuck chuckgallagher. Meanwhile, I hope this helps. This entry was posted on Thursday, April 29th, at 8: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Pornography is dangerous and destructive.

Risky sexual behavior among vulnerable...

Most of it involves real people engaged in illicit behavior, and most of it also exploits women. His name is Jesus. Dear Chuck I had radical Prostatectomy at St Mery hospital in London the operation went well or so they say 2 days later while recovering "Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction" the operation I had a blood clot that gave me heart attack so I ended up with 3 bypass and 6 weeks in hospital what are my chances of Regaining back my erection.

Hi Chuck, Read your posting and wanted to comment on my personal experience. I too had a radical procedure done. But, I must say, I has Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction a life altering event.! It will change your life, and more importantly, your sex life forever! Honest answers and more details can Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction addressed to me at: I did alot of research and heard all the drama, needless to say I prepared myself. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Your nerves have been damaged. They were saved, but the no longer rest comfortably on your prostate… Any time your body suffers trauma it takes time for it to recover.

Sex starts and ends in the brain… Sexual stimulation begins from some sort of sensory stimulation — visual, auditory, feeling, etc. April 30, at December 19, at 2: December 28, at February 23, at 9: July 11, at July 26, at 1: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. The Choices Foundation supports providing ethical educational presentations, workshops, and keynotes to universities, colleges, high schools and religious organizations.

Chuck, and other speakers, talk to young people about ethics, honesty, integrity, the choices they make and the consequences that follow. To reserve an advance copy, set for a spring '08 release date, and support this vital cause contact Chuck at http: Chuck Gallagher is Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction at ExpertClick. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction the World Wide Web.

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Therefore, he warned, don't assume...

Therefore, he warned, don't assume that your wife's function is to do your rehab for you. In fact, he shared, that if you expect your wife to be. Erectile dysfunction can be managed by an increasingly invasive range of treatments . [PubMed]; Ali ST, Shaikh RN, Siddiqi NA, Siddiqi PQ. The State versus M. Rehan, Case No. The women who survived rape and sexual assault and shared their stories on the problems they face in their everyday lives. One of areas of Mr. Faisal Siddiqi's law practice is human rights Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction public interest .

woman levying charges of rape has a Rehan siddiqi wife sexual dysfunction of immoral behavior.

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