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300zx review uk dating


It even gave the likes of the Porsche S2 pause for thought. It was offered with 300zx review uk dating choice of four-speed automatic or five-speed manual gearboxes. Air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, cruise control and electric mirrors were standard on UK cars. Leather trim with electric seats was an option. Our Verdict Seat Leon Seat's third-generation Leon is attractive and capable, but it "300zx review uk dating" quite reach the benchmark set by the imperious Volkswagen Golf.

Enough were sold to convince the car maker it could rise above its Micra and Bluebird grassroots market but, after the initial excitement had worn off, sales wilted.

It was pulled just four years later, while in Japan and some other markets it soldiered on, gaining some important updates inamong them HID headlights, 300zx review uk dating bowing out in Today, the mass of ZXs on sale look pretty disreputable. Check the quality of the gearbox oil, too. In their favour, they may not have suffered quite such a hard life as the manuals. Meanwhile, the ZX is cursed with not one but two Achilles heels.

Also, the Targa-style roof can drain into the sills, causing terrible problems. Rare, true, but that makes it more special. However, Nissan executives then agreed to pull the commercial after pressure groups objected to its depiction of speed. How to get one in your garage: It has now done about 80, miles and, because I look after it properly, never put a foot wrong.

It does around 22mpg but can do 30mpg on a motorway run. It has no bodykit or add-ons. I hate those things. The car looks good enough in standard trim.

Saying that, a good supplier of top-quality aftermarket bits is Stillen [stillen. The attraction of the ZX for me is the performance, the roadholding and the styling. Also, the fact that, at the end of a long drive, I get out still feeling fresh. I have an elderly customer who regularly drives his from Bristol to London on business, and he agrees!

The ZX, with its aggressive...

Look for oil leaks from the cam 300zx review uk dating seals and the crank rear main end seals. On automatic versions, they suffer heat transfer from the torque converter. Injectors can stick, causing misfires, but coil packs are reliable.

Check if the 300zx review uk dating allows the engine to idle at the end of the drive to lubricate the turbochargers. The wiring loom in the engine bay often suffers heat damage. Check for damp front footwells where the drain channels from the roof, which run inside the A-post, leak onto the automatic gearbox ECU and fuse box. Check the condition of the cooling hoses to the throttle bodies under the inlet plenum.

Replace them with Nismo rubber bushes. Front springs sag, causing accelerated tyre wear, and rear shocks leak gas.

The Nissan ZX is a...

BODY - Rust "300zx review uk dating" a serious issue on the sills ahead of the rear arches. The three-layer sills for strength rust from within but bodgers just replace the outer sill. Test a ZX from cold. In the middle could mean compression problems. Once the engine is warmed, the needle should indicate maximum boost of 9psi. After driving, idle the engine and check for blue oil smoke.

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How much to spend: Prize originality and maintenance over power upgrades and fancy wheels. Most ads are for autos but there are many more manuals about so keep your eyes open or check the club classifieds. The rare SWB is rated for its more sure-footed handling and good ones command a premium.

This Japanese import is one of the last ZXs so is a facelifted car. It has stacks of service history, too, plus all of its old MOT test certificates to help corroborate the mileage. I don't think the Z car reputation was restored by the 300zx review uk dating, because, as can be seen from the main "300zx review uk dating," it was made for the Americans. Used car buying guide: Rear wheels take all of the drive and help out with steering Driver-focused cockpit is strewn with switchgear.

Our Verdict Seat Leon.

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Kia Ceed long-term review. The latest Ceed is the best "300zx review uk dating." But is it now good enough to be a real For its fourth-generation, Honda moves its long-established CR-V into full Join the debate Comments.

Great, For The Americans.

The ZX, with its aggressive...

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The Nissan ZX is a...

be "300zx review uk dating." Date First Available, 1 Sept. Most helpful customer reviews on The Nissan ZX is a twin-turbo, four-wheel-steer masterpiece of s Japanese performance art in 2+2 form. Launched in the UK inthe rear- wheel-drive ZX conformed to Japan's newly. Nissan Micra review. The Nissan ZX is a sports car in the Nissan Z-car family that was produced across two similar but unique generations.

As with all other versions of the Z, the .

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