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Hypoglycaemic and Hypolipidaemic Effects of Phyllanthus niruri in HU Nwanjo, G Oze. The present study was undertaken to investigate the possible hypoglycaemic and Recta oblicuas yahoo dating effects of aqueous extract of Phyllanthus niruri leaves in Streptozotocin STZ -induced Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Normal metabolism of oxygen and exogenous factors constantly generate free radicals which could be harmful to the human body. Human need Recta oblicuas yahoo dating to provide protection against free radicals, thus plants are a good source of natural antioxidants. In this research, we conducted phytochemical screening and antioxidant assay of P. This study was conducted to determine P. Antioxidant analysis of P.

The study revealed that P. Rutin possessed the lowest antioxidant activity in all antioxidant assays. This study confirmed that P.

Decontamination of dried Phyllanthus niruri Dokong anak and Labisa pumila Kacip Fatimah using gamma Recta oblicuas yahoo dating. Herbs, spices and dry food ingredients are gamma irradiated to control pest and microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Irradiation is an effective decontamination method for herbs. Two herbal teas of Phyllanthus niruri Dokong anak and Labisa pumila Kacip Fatimah bought from a local supplier were selected for the present study.

Phyllanthus niruri from Family Euphorbiaceae is native to the tropics. This medicinal Recta oblicuas yahoo dating is found throughout South East Asia and tropical Australia.

In Malaysia, it is used to Recta oblicuas yahoo dating diarrhoea, kidney ailment, gonorrhoea, syphilis, urological disorders and taken as tonic after miscarriage and childbirth. Early clinical observations showed that the plant has a great potential as a diuretic, hypotensive and hypoglycaemic drug for humans with no side effects. Labisia pumila is a well known herb for women, which is to induce and ease childbirth and as a post-mortem medication to contract the womb, delay conception, regain body strength, firm up breasts and abdominal muscles.

It is also used to treat dysentery, rheumatism and gonorrhoea. The herbal samples were screened for their microbiological quality, including detecting the presence of pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella sp.

The results indicated that the total plate count TPC "Recta oblicuas yahoo dating" Phyllanthus niruri and Labisa pumila were 1.

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No pathogenic microbes were detected in both samples. When irradiated with gamma rays using the Gamma cell, the microbial counts decreased with increasing radiation doses. No microbial colonies were detected after irradiation Recta oblicuas yahoo dating greater than 10 kGy in both herbal samples.

Gamma irradiation of 10 kGy were suggested as the minimum doses for the decontamination of dried preparations of Phyllanthus niruri and Labisa pumila, respectively, to reduce the microbial counts to an acceptable level of colonies per g sample. Recta oblicuas yahoo dating vitro regeneration and morphogenesis in Phyllanthus niruri L. The high morphogenetic response of Phyllanthus niruri in vitro can be used to propagate Anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive activities of Phyllanthus niruri spray-dried standardized extract.

Full Text Available Phyllanthus niruri L. In conclusion, this study suggested that Phyllanthus niruri spray-dried standardized extract has potent inflammatory and antinociceptive activities and that these activities are not modified by standard drying process, making it feasible to use the dry extract standardized to obtain a phytotherapic preparation and thus validating its use for the treatment of pain and inflammation disorders.

The use of Phyllanthus niruri L. The versatile ethnomedicinal usage of the herb is tightly associated with its multiple pharmacological properties such as immunomodulator, anti-viral, antibacterial, diuretic, anti-hyperglycemia and hepatoprotector.

Recta oblicuas yahoo dating scope of this review is limited only to the clinical evidences demonstrating benefits of the plant P.

These evidences are expected to provide the plant Recta oblicuas yahoo dating more "Recta oblicuas yahoo dating" place in the current clinical settings, particularly in the management Recta oblicuas yahoo dating infectious Recta oblicuas yahoo dating. In such diseases, the effective immune system is crucial to the treatment success and eradication of the pathogens.

In those clinical studies, P. In fact, there are numerous in vitro and animal studies reporting potential benefits of the immunomodulatory properties of P. In the light of the scarcity of Recta oblicuas yahoo dating to discover new, more effective and safe anti-infection chemical entities, that is also complicated with the growing threat from the new generations of drug resistant-pathogens, the utilization of nature-derived immunomodulatory agents, either alone or combined with the currently available antibiotics or antivirals, is undoubtedly promising and of clinical importance.

Most of Recta oblicuas yahoo dating studies on P. Lignans from cell suspension cultures of Phyllanthus nirurian Indonesian medicinal plant. Cell suspension cultures of Phyllanthus niruri were used to study the lignan profiles and biosynthesis. Suspension cultures yielded two lignans: This is the first Recta oblicuas yahoo dating of.

Development of granules from Phyllanthus niruri spray-dried extract. Full Text Available The aim of this study was to develop granules from Phyllanthus niruri spray-dried extract using dry and wet granulation and to assess techniques to enable the production of Recta oblicuas yahoo dating with improved technological characteristics and yields.

Granules were characterized by granulometry, reological parameters, compression and hygroscopic behavior. Independent of the granulation technique, technologically developed granules presented particle diameter, bulk and tapped densities and compressibility indexes suitable for a solid dosage form. The compression behavior showed plastic and fragmentary deformation for granules produced by the dry granulation technique and predominantly plastic deformation Recta oblicuas yahoo dating wet granulation.

Concerning the humidity sorption, the study showed that granules absorb less humidity than the spray-dried extract. Administration of Phyllanthus niruri to control IMNV myonecrosis infectious virus infection white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei. The disease is caused by infectious myonecrosis virus IMNV. Currently, treatment and drug has not been obtained to control the virus.

This research was conducted to determine the effect of Phyllanthus niruri extract in white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei against IMNV infection. Healthy shrimp was given P. The positive control was given feed without P.

IMNV infection gave a significantly different effect on survival rate. In the shrimp P. Survival rate of negative control was IMNV clinical signs in general was white necrotic areas in striated muscles. Histological examination showed that cell necrosis appeared on the mussel tissues.

In conclusion the addition of P. Penyakit ini disebabkan oleh infectious myonecrosis virus IMNV. Saat ini, belum diperoleh cara dan obat untuk mengendalikan virus IMNV. Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mengevaluasi pengaruh immunostimulan tepung meniran Phyllanthus niruri yang diberikan melalui pakan pada udang vaname Litopenaeus vannamei yang diinfeksi IMNV.

Udang kontrol positif dilakukan dengan. An In vitro Study. Recta oblicuas yahoo dating nigrum and Phyllanthus niruri are common herbs which are indigeneous to India. Solanum nigrum commonly called 'manathakkali Keerai' in Tamil, forms an indispensable part of South Indian diet.

Phyllanthus niruri keezhanelli in Tamil is a widely used medicinal plant, the leaves of which have been used extensively in Ayurveda and native medicine to cure various liver ailments. The herbs Solanum nigrum and Phyllanthus niruri have been found to be effective against numerous enteropathogens in various in vitro studies.

To assess and compare the antibacterial efficacy of the crude alcoholic extract of the leaves of Solanum nigrum and Phyllanthus niruri against five cariogenic organisms. The antibacterial effect of the "Recta oblicuas yahoo dating" and powdered leaves of Solanum nigrum and Phyllanthus niruri Recta oblicuas yahoo dating tested using agar well diffusion method. The zones of inhibition obtained after incubation were measured and tabulated.

The antibacterial activity for the two herbs was compared using the Mann-Whitney test. The antibacterial zones of inhibition obtained for the herb Solanum nigrum was in the range of When the zones of inhibition were compared for the herbs, Solanum nigrum showed significantly greater zones of inhibition compared to Phyllanthus niruri for the organisms Streptococcus sanguisStreptococcus salivariusStreptococcus oralis and Streptococcus Recta oblicuas yahoo dating p-valuecariogenic organisms, with Solanum nigrum.

Evaluation of antidiabetic potentials of Phyllanthus niruri in alloxan Statistical analysis revealed that the mean diameter zones of inhibition for gentamycin was significantly higher than those of the plant extracts at 0. This study has established the antibacterial effect of P. Contamination of soil and the medicinal plant Phyllanthus niruri Linn. Phyllanthus niruri is a plant that is used to prevent calcium oxalate crystallisation and to block the stone formation in urolithiasis.

Contaminants in the environment can be readily taken up by medicinal plants due to their ability to absorb chemicals into their tissues. If contaminated plants are ingested, they have the potential to negatively affect human and environmental health. The aim of Recta oblicuas yahoo dating study was to assess contamination in the soil and the medicinal plant P.

Soil samples and plant samples divided in root, shoot and leaves were collected from a contaminated monitoring site and from a rural area which was used as a reference site for comparative purposes.

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The Cd concentrations of the samples were analysed with an atomic absorption spectrometer. The results revealed that Cd bioaccumulation in the roots and shoots of P. Susceptibility of multidrug resistant enterotoxigenic escherichia coli to saponin extract Recta oblicuas yahoo dating phyllanthus niruri.

Escherichia coli were isolated from samples of blood, urine, stool and water made up of From the samples, Of the ETEC Recta oblicuas yahoo dating tested for susceptibility to eight conventional antibiotics.

However, of the resistant strains; 24 These were tested against 3. The antimicrobial activities of saponin from P.

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Chemical and technological evaluation of the Phyllanthus niruri aerial parts as a function of cultivation and harvesting conditions. The yield of such compounds Recta oblicuas yahoo dating be influenced by several variables related with the plant growth.

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