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Dean guitar dating


Dean guitar dating or Sign Up. Join the HC Newsletter. Search in titles only Search in Electric Guitars only Dean guitar dating. Dean Serial Numbers I have a guy wanting to trade me a Dean for one of my Jacksons.

Problem is, he says it is a Dean Vendetta 3. He has provided the serial number but I cant find anywhere I can look up the serial number to find out any info on it.

Just like most products in...

Anybody know a place to look these things up? Check out the forums here: Im looking, but Im not finding anything there either. In the late 90's I believe the serial 's for the USA models were stamped on the fret board after the last fret.

There are Czech Republic guitars Dean guitar dating will have Hand Crafted in the Czech Republic on the back of the headstock with a serial nothing "Dean guitar dating" denote year.

Dean Guitar Dates? this page...

The Korean and Chinese guitar serials for the most part don't give a year or any other indication. They did start putting a year somewhere Dean guitar dating them, but they are imports and the year really doesn't matter for their Dean guitar dating. There were some bolt on USA and Czech models. EDIT - Vendetta 3. Thanks for the help guys! Im starting to think this is going to be all for naught though.

He exploded right away with, "Well, if it is indeed the XM, what do I have to add to make this an even trade?

The serial number is found...

If it is not the Vendetta 3. Help FAQs Go to top. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians' website. View the Media Kit.

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I have a guy wanting to trade me a Dean for one of my Jacksons. Problem is, he says it is a Dean Vendettaand the only guitar I can find. Official Dean Guitars website showing the world's finest selection of Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, guitar pickups guitar amps, and Dean guitar dating gear. Dean guitar dating was trying to date a couple of my guitars.

My Strat is an MIM and the serial begins MZ3. Would this mean the guitar is an '03? I know my Tele is.

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