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94 prefecture rendez vous dating


As of Augustthe carte de sejour is now the size of a credit card. Bring a copy of your acceptance letter to the program in which you will be studying.

This is near Porte de Clignancourt at the top of Line 4. Within the first two months of your arrival in Paris, you need to go to the Prefecture in person and ask for a rendezvous rdv. Go in prepared with your questions written out, have your passport in hand. Once you have finished the first rdv, they will have you take a medical exam with a government doctor. This is no big deal. This exam is mandatory. You will need to pay at this step. See list 94 prefecture rendez vous dating payment prices here.

Remember, these rdv are given out over a month in advance, so be sure get your appointment well in advance of the expiration of your carte de 94 prefecture rendez vous dating. Keep in mind that once you have a rdv, this just gives you the right to wait in line beginning at a certain time.

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So to avoid tremendous waiting times, be early for the specified time. About other students have your same rdv. You will have to pay for your carte de sejour will les timbres fiscaux. This is a simple but time consuming process. 94 prefecture rendez vous dating you have your RDV, you may have to wait up to three or four months before you have 94 prefecture rendez vous dating carte de sejour.

It is not advisable to travel outside of France during this time unless you get an extension of your carte de sejour, if you are renewing. This is a visa to stay in France for longer than 3 months. Which Prefecture you will have to go to depends on where "94 prefecture rendez vous dating" live within Paris. Therefore, you must make a rdv.

These appointments are given months in advance. You should make this appointment well before the date limit of your carte de sejour no less than 2 months! The process takes several months. You will have to prove your marriage marriage certificate and if it was preformed outside France the translationjoint back accounts, the fact that you live together on a permanent basis joint bills etc.

You will also have to prove that you are covered by the health insurance either by your own work or by your spouse. The latter status is called Ayant Droit and you will have to apply to the CPAM government health care service to make this declaration. List of prices here. 94 prefecture rendez vous dating do so, you must make a rdv either online or by calling Again, the appointments are given well in advance so make yours as close to four months before the expiry date as possible. If you call, note that they are very busy and it can take several tries before you reach someone.

It is best to call early in the morning around 8: You can also find the documents you will need to supply for your renewal listed in more detail on this document: March 1, at December 10, at We still cannot get a straight answer about the price.

By the way, I love your blog! 94 prefecture rendez vous dating the site http: And of course this is payable by fiscal stamps timbre fiscaux ordinaires which you can buy at a Tabac. I hope this helps. December 11, at Thank you so much Madame. It seems that you were correct.

94 prefecture rendez vous dating 12, at I have a question to ask you please. My carte de sejour would be expiring on the 20th of June I was supposed to go back to my country at the end of May 94 prefecture rendez vous dating is when the academic year is over.

However, because I will like to improve my french before I 94 prefecture rendez vous dating back to Canada, I would like to stay in France till ending of August and work as an au pair. Do I have to go through the normal procedure of renewing a carte de sejour considering I only need like 2 months of renewal. This is because I have checked online and most times renewing carte de sejour is done by students who want to stay for another academic year for example september June I am not staying for another year, but just for the summer and need just 2 months since my visa expires June and I will be 94 prefecture rendez vous dating back in August.

Thank you very much. November 24, at Helo…i am imran naghmana. December 5, at I am so sorry but I do not know the answer to your question. If you look on my sidebar and perhaps ask someone from one of the french sites? July 4, at This is sooo incredibly helpful! I was getting so frustrated trying to make my appointment to renew my carte de sejour, came across this post and now all is taken care of. Thank you so much for your helpful tips!

July 5, at Dealing with the Prefecture in France is such a pain. I hope it all goes well for you. They always ask for more than is written on the lists. For renewals, try to call first thing in the morning starting at 8: July 16, at I have a question abut Temporary residence permt.

Can I include my rental receipts? Thank You for this helpful post. Hi there, this is always a problem for people with an all-inclusive lease. What you need to do is bring along your rental contract, the receipts from your landlord proving that you have paid each month as well as a phone bill or internet bill or anything that is sent to your name at that address.

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You might even want to bring along your bank statements "94 prefecture rendez vous dating" that the rent has been deducted from the account each month.

You may need a copy of the EDF bill from your landlord if possible. I have a form Attestation I will send you by email. I hope that helps! August 12, at Thanks for your post! August 13, 94 prefecture rendez vous dating Hi Joelle, it depends on what type of Carte de Sejour you are seeking.

They very well may ask you to see that you have all the docs before they give you the rdv. Also, check to see if your school has an international student office that takes care of that for you.

Sciences Po does, Sorbonne does not.

You need a rdv for...

Just bring everything on the list plus any other document you think may be pertinent. Best of luck with the process!

correctly signed and stamped by...

June 25, at I have already applied for my carte sejour since april, but am not sure wether it will be ready by the time i would travel, 94 prefecture rendez vous dating i think that they will give me the recepisse soon, but i heard that i cant go to africa with the recepisse,please i need your advice on what to do.

A French Frye in Paris said: August 25, at I have to say: MAJOR kudos for taking the time to construct a page like this. Anything on the internet that can help demystify it for people is a blessing and valuable resource. August 26, at I figured if I could help just one other person get through it a little easier than it would all have been worth some good, at the very least.

August 28, at Thank you very much for this blog. It is very helpful indeed. I have some questions. I believe I should get an interim visa for this period as per your blog. Paris or at the local Préfecture elsewhere, for a carte de séjour, (see info on “ Residence Permits”.

At least one party to the marriage must reside in France for forty days preceding the date of the civil . under prise de rendez-vous option étudiants étrangers. Préfecture du Val de Marne (Créteil 94). Uniquement sur rendez-vous. 94 prefecture rendez vous dating. Vous êtes ici: · Ma Mairie · Services Municipaux · Services administratifs; Carte nationale 94 prefecture rendez vous dating /. La préfecture de la Seine-Saint-Denis propose un service de prise de rendez- vous en ligne pour le dépôt des dossiers de demande de naturalisations par.

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