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Is an online affair cheating

New xXx Video Is an online affair cheating.
Cheating Is Cheating, No Matter...

The website provides research-informed information and support for individuals, couples and those in relationships with information and support if you are having, or are worried about a partner having, an online affair. It is part of the larger Online Affairs website which provides free articles for members of the public impacted by internet infidelity, as well as therapists working with those who have experienced, or are experiencing, online affairs.

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For more information on how this website was funded and who created it, see the website credits section. References drawn on to create this website can be found here. Why is it easy to cheat online?

Messaging my ex — can it be cheating?

Friends on Facebook — can it be cheating? Looking at porn — can it be cheating?

It is only online — how can it be cheating? What is spyware and is it OK to use it?

The discovery that your partner...

Is the internet a problem in your relationship? Counselling for online cheating. Helpful resources and links.

Welcome to the Online Affairs...

Credits for the website including grant funding. Online affairs What is cheating online?

I-SPY — one online affair 2. Am I cheating online?

Virtual sex — can it be cheating? Is my partner cheating online? How do I get help?

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