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Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating


Internet applied to the teaching of English Literature. Activity proposals for the study of a work by Tennessee Williams. Propuestas de actividades para el estudio de una obra de Tenneesse Williams. Con estas actividades se pretende ofrecer una alternativa a la clase magistral, abundante en datos que no son codificados con la rapidez deseada, ya que el alumno tiene el riesgo de convertirse en receptor pasivo de los mismos. The core subject English Language and its Literature II 6 credits is taught in the second year of the degree in Humanities.

The aim is to introduce the student to English written literature and familiarize them with the three Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating literary genres novel, theatre and poetry. A series of compulsory readings representing these genres are highly recommended. The purpose of this work is to present a number of practical proposals for the use of the resources offered by the web and to consolidate the minimum knowledge about the author, setting, style and work.

We will take advantage of the appeal of information and communication technologies in order to enhance self-learning through disclosure. The aim of these activities is to offer an alternative to the traditional magisterial class, so profuse with regard to data which is not codified as quickly as desired because the student is in danger of becoming merely a passive receiver of such data.

Our work will deal with suggesting students a series of organized activities so that they will prepare an introduction to the author and his or her work on the basis of a number of easily accessible addresses Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating examined by the teacher.

Maybe this is the best promise for the future of literary studies, the research and the teaching of literature in a future that, in a virtual university like the UOC - where literature theory and comparative literature are taught via Internet - Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating already a reality.

Translated by the conference organization Del papel a la red.

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Procedimientos de reescritura en la era digital. From the paper to the net. Rewriting procedures in the digital era. Easier procedures like the electronic link or the fragmentation into units of different measure for their adaptation to the screen necessarily change the experience of the text Landow,condition the perception of intertextual relations and determine the ways of reading and reception.

Catalonian literary magazines in the net. The continuous introduction of Internet in the setting of the Catalan-speaking community has had important consequences, Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating in Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating sociolinguistic aspect and in the transmission of knowledge and in the reflection about cultural and literary topics.

In the Catalonian cultural environment everybody is aware of the huge symbolic potentialities of this new medium with a view to Catalan as a language for the future. In fact, the incorporation of Catalan to Internet has achieved better than the merely acceptable levels which would be expected from a minority language.

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This paper will be focused on the presentation and analysis of some periodic publications of an electronic nature which have literature, whether in its creative dimension or in the critical one, Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating and studies as object. The comparison with conventional magazines dealing with this same topic and made in electronic medium makes us reflect about the peculiarities imposed for the adoption of reception mechanisms. These particularities, in their environment, determine both the social perception Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating the product and its contents and even the point of view from which these are inserted in the flux of multimedia communication, where the literary world fights for finding its place.

This paper explores the reading cyborg we have inadvertently become. These literary cyborgs, the ideal readers of the texts analyzed, help us circumscribe a community of readers whose localization has been rendered problematic by the new virtual space.

From a reader-oriented perspective, we will expose the different ways in which Information Technology has contaminated the literary text as to require from the reader a new literary competence. This literary competence is characterized by the integrated use of old and new media, literature and technology, and has an important function in helping the reader overcome information overload.

Cibermapa dels estudis literaris: Isabel Clara Moll Soldevila Title: Cybermap of literary studies: Technology introduction in any area of knowledge has resulted in two effects that, in a way, can become contradictory. On the one hand, human beings can rely immediately on an amount of information and knowledge which would have been unthinkable in the past. However, on the other hand, they run the risk of dispersion, Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating or disorientation when dealing with this information which is presented, many times, in a chaotic way.

Literary and humanistic studies have been permeable to the introduction and increasing use of Internet and, due to this fact, nowadays in the net we Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating an important amount of literary material that interprets and adapts technological facilities in very different ways. Taking into account this qualitative variety or this content heterogeneity, we face the need for creating filters or intermediaries able to, on the one hand, select and classify those relevant issues in the area of literary studies and, on the other hand, describe models and present possibilities in the net.

Internet as resource for literary research: This paper endeavours Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating offer the reader a practical example about the usefulness of Internet as a resource for literary research. This selection will show the variety of on-line sources, as well as their applicability to literary studies.

Nonetheless, we will also point out the limitations of this kind of electronic sources in thorough research work and will make a brief final summary about the functionality of Internet material in literary criticism, according to our own experience. Internet as the main working tool in the teaching of specialized translation. Everything concerning Internet and its world generates a great interest among students and teachers in general.

Therefore, nowadays Internet Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating be said to be an endless didactic resource full of possibilities. With this article our aim is to show the facilities offered by the net in the elaboration of what we consider to be the three stages undertaken in the preparation of the subject known as Specialized Translation: Translated by the conference organization Internet como herramienta de trabajo para el traductor.

Internet as a working tool for the translator. Before Internet appeared, translation professionals had their work limited to a tough documentary work, mainly written, which was not always within their power. Thanks to the current moment of authentic technological revolution of the information, the translator encounters many possibilities offered by Internet, ranging from effective translation tools able to speed up documentation and rewriting tasks, to the opportunity of being able to work on-line or update their knowledge thanks to the great "Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating" of resources and services offered by the network of networks.

On Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating basis of our experience as active translators and researchers, our aim in this lecture is to show and appraise those resources and practical links which can be found by simply making click in the correct web page with the purpose of facilitating the work to the cybertranslators in this global village.

Translated by the conference organization Anglicismos y diccionarios on line. Anglicisms and on line Dictionaries. The aim of this paper is to present a comparative study of the presence of anglicisms in Spanish and Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating economic-business press and their translation through on line dictionaries. The corpus is made up of terms which appear in economic and business articles published in Spanish and French press. Once the corpus has been compiled in both languages, coincidences likely to occur are Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating, as well as the lexical fields in which the realisation frequence is more significative.

The next stage in the study deals with analysing if these same anglicisms are Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating up in a series of particular terminological on line dictionaries.

Therefore, the final purpose of this paper is to check if Internet can constitute a useful and advisable tool in order to better understand loanwords, in this specific case anglicisms which belong to one of the Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating of speciality languages: The metaphorical vocabulary of the Internet and its translation into Spanish Paper delivered in: Universidad de Alicante UA Absract: Although some research has been made Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating technical English Posteguillo et al.

Nevertheless, this kind of vocabulary presents some problems when translated into Spanish, due mainly to its polisemic nature. Besides, as Belda Medina recognises, there are cases in which it is not possible to maintain the metaphor in both languages, while in others the word translated is rejected for semantic reasons, being it necessary to resort to anglicisms.

In this paper we intend to analyse those words that, belonging to the general lexicon, have adopted Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating specialized meaning in the Internet terminology. We also comment on the difficulties that arise in the translation of this vocabulary into Spanish. The corpus examined is taken from printed and on-line glossaries and dictionaries, as well as computer magazines Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating Spanish.

Difficulties and strategies of the finding of commercial web sites from English to Spanish. The localization of commercial web sites is nowadays one of the most demanded activities in the translation professional sector. After conducting a pretranslating analysis of the features that characterise this textual genre Shepherd and Watters, ; Schmid-Isler,we will identify the main difficulties which arise in its translation from English to Spanish.

With this aim, we will start from Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating corpus of translations in commercial web sites of computer programs made by the students of the last year of the degree within the subject Scientific and Technical Translation in the Translation School at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University. Finally, we "Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating" suggest a series of useful strategies in order to overcome these difficulties.

The goal of the project is achieving fully-automatic no pre-edition, no post-edition translation of emails in the virtual campus of the Open University of Catalonia UOC. The problem of unsupervised machine translation of emails is discussed. Then we describe the strategy designed to build the system, including a multiple-level evaluation process and the building of several automatic pre-edition, post-edition and unknown-word extraction modules.

Last, the work carried on so far on building such decision-taking modules is presented.

Textual categorization and documentary flux in the managment of multilingual contents for web environments. El segundo es TMX www. One of the main problems affecting the updating of multilingual Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating portals of big institutions and enterprises is the effective management of the contents that are simultaneously published in more Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating one language.

Nowadays, there is not a platform that allows global control of the flux of versions made of the texts from the moment they are written till they are published, including the stages of revision, translation, finding and validation. In this paper we present a model of textual categorization within a control chain of the flux of information in a management system of multilingual contents for web environments, SareBi.

The texts are kept Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating Zope objects, but the system allows the exportation in two standard XML formats. The first one is based in TEI www. The second one is TMX www.

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The system of textual categorization constitutes a key element in Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating management of the flux of work. Internet in Catalan as a working tool in scientific-technical translation.

The translation of scientific-technical texts needs great consulting efforts for solving Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating number of different problems: The consulting resources in the target language have a special interest and utility in any translating process. In the digital era, Internet is a kind of linguistic megacorpus with powerful searching tools that offer a varied range of consulting resources.

I will also mention some of the problems that internaut translators have to face nowadays, such as the quality and reliablity both of the language and the information. Translated by the conference organization The limits of the Medline database as a non-specialist translation tool.

David Shea Paper delivered in: The Medline, or PubMed, data base of abstracts provides an invaluable research tool for translating medical documentation, particularly in the preparation of manuscripts for journal publication. However, for non-specialized Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating translators, this data base may only limit our field of vision as to what is acceptable terminology.

In complicated areas of surgical medicine such as interventionist radiology, the Medline collection, though formidable, can never tell us what is possible in a text but what has been published. Medline has proven most helpful but, on a long-term basis, extensive coordination with medical specialists in the specific field being dealt with, is necessary.

El objetivo del presente artículo...

These specialists may or may not have any command Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating English, our target language. Internet skills and translation: In this paper, the Internet resources currently available for translators are briefly reviewed and categorised, and a framework is proposed for incorporating Internet-skill acquisition into the translation curriculum.

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Support for this framework is drawn from recent surveys of freelance translators to determine Internet usage, as well as from feedback gathered by the authors when co-ordinating Internet training seminars for UK-based professional freelances translators.

The paper concludes by suggesting that the proposed framework for Internet-skills acquisition provides a broader opportunity for trainers to help novice translators explore, exploit and evaluate the range and potential of semi-automated and automated tools available Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating incorporation into the 21st century translation Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating environment.

How to use Internet in teaching translation of technical and scientific texts. Main · Videos; South african dating laws surgery cost in bangalore dating · plywoods and veneers in bangalore dating · ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating. Llegar a los usuarios multiculturales en las bibliotecas: algunas reflexiones y ejemplos the 15th century tothe Ejemplos de hypermedia yahoo dating of the Bowring Treaties that forced open Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Hypermedia and well-known search engines and web subject directories, Yahoo!

has been. El objetivo del presente artículo es ofrecer al lector un ejemplo práctico de la utilidad activities: a great variety of authentic and up-to-date material, language learning aids, in the net: and,, and . Title: El desarrollo de aplicaciones hipermedia para la didáctica: la.

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