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Hetalia dating game long results


Fave color- Dont hate me. It's been proven that colors can depict someone's personality 1 http: I don't really have a favorite color. Then again, I don't really care. I like Hetalia dating game long results ones too, but I can't date an ugly guy. I can't stand a dumb guy. Looks Hetalia dating game long results Muscles are nice but brains That's the most important thing.

If I am truly in love, I won't care if they're fat, skinny, dumb, smart, or just weird.: A confident guy is more fun and enjoyable to be around. I like soft-hearted guys, but I don't want someone weaker than me. You're in a dark ally. It's nice and quiet. Suddenly, you hear footsteps behind you.

Sorry, I thought you were someone else. To make it up to you, I'll walk you home. I saw you out here and I didn't want you to get hurt. You can't drive home and you need someone to drive you.

Favorite food out of these?

Who do you call? I can do it. I don't need anybody's help for anything. I would call Prussia, but he's probably in the bar with me. I suck at cooking me: But I don't do it enough to be called "good".

Quizzes are too easy to...

I prefer baking but yes. I am great at cooking. Actually, I am the best at cooking. I know all the secrets for a delicious Hetalia dating game long results meal! Work is for weekdays. Working, Exercising, doing all the things I can't do during the week. Sometimes I chill, sometimes I party, sometimes I work. None of your business.

Canada is angry at someone....

Can fall in love at the drop of a hat. Short, sweet, and sassy. An egotistic, charming companion. A strong but "Hetalia dating game long results" person. A smart, clever friend. If your friends were in trouble guy trouble Would you rather Make them feel loved. B Kill the guy. They'll get over it. I like the guy that hurt them.

I'm not gonna kill him. Either A or C. Maybe a turtle T-shirt with some skinny jeans. Only the most popular clothes. A tank top with shorts. All of these are nice. Something that makes me feel good. Hetalia dating game long results

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This is one of my first quizzes. Hetalia dating game long results you have comments or suggestions, please leave below.

I can't think of any more questions so You have some grammer issues but I guess it was alright. Will leave suggestions below. Now get to last question You have the possibility to design the text. Delete this comment Cancel.

Which Hetalia Character Are You? How sexy is your name? Hetalia Seven Minutes in Heaven! What Does Your Birthday Mean? Hetalia Dating Game Quiz- thing. Ever wondered who your most compatible with out of Hetalia dating game long results Hetalia characters?

Here's your chance to find out! (Contains both guys and girls.) Take this quiz!. Check out by: name, trivia games, or really can't find quizzes on hot topics.

Currently Take the results, harvard the quiz - mla, browse hetalia dating quiz!.

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