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Just lunch dating site st. louis


At It's Just Lunch we take away the frustration of dating and make it easy for you to meet people worth spending your time with. Our dating specialists handle everything in a personalized and efficient manner All you have to do is show up and enjoy meeting someone new.

It's Just Lunch was founded in and has been helping professional singles around the world find meaningful relationships ever since. With over It's Just Lunch locations worldwide, there is sure to be one near you.

A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I am a new member to It's Just Lunch and I was recommended to the company by my sister and by someone who met her husband through It's Just Lunch. So far my experience has been very positive. The personalized service appeals to me and being able to provide feedback throughout the process provides a partnership.

I'm looking forward to the journey! Horrible customer service and gross misrepresentation of what you sign up for. You would be better off on Tinder or Bumble and save a lot of money at that.

They will take your money and not on or what they have promised you. I joined IJL about 2 months ago and find the experiences stress free Thanks Kaila and Dominique! Your instructions were perfect! The restaurant had a large parking lot Just lunch dating site st. louis it is part of a hotel I was greeted by the hostess and told her who I was and they immediately brought me to the table where they had just seated my date.

The table was a corner table with couch like seating and pillows. The restaurant was busy but the table was perfect for conversation and being away from the crowd. The service was excellent!

As promised, at the end of Just lunch dating site st. louis meal, two separate checks were brought to us and the server made sure to give us each the correct check. I also highly recommend Krystyl and Aleisha as matchmakers! They both are very valuable assets to your service and did a great job at guiding me through the process. Everything worked out exactly as they said it would!

I feel very lucky to be working with them! It was a on a scale of 1 to She was beautiful and sexy and kind hearted. Date lasted 24 hours - we had lunch, dinner, looks at waterfront property we may buy together, dinner, sleepover in spare Just lunch dating site st. louis and breakfast. First let me say "thank you" to my dating coach, Latasha and my dating coordinator, Darryl. Latasha is patient and works hard to find matches that meet my criteria.

Darryl promptly notifies me about my upcoming date and best Just lunch dating site st. louis all he sets up my dates up in great restaurants. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

My date, was attractive, open minded, Just lunch dating site st. louis children, which confirmed my dating team was actively addressing my issues in setting potential matches.

Thanks Tameka and Udonna. I had a very enjoyable date with Kacy. The venue was nice, the service was good and I appreciated their splitting the bill.

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Aleisha did a wonderful job of setting up my first date and made all the arrangements painless. I would like to commend Donna for her hard work, honesty, loyalty and persistence in trying to find me a match that had the attributes that I specifically requested.

I know it was not that easy, because I needed someone exceptional. I must thank Aliesha as well Just lunch dating site st. louis realizing that she had the right match for me. They worked together very well as a team to find me someone who I am interested in getting to know much better and see where it goes.

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Although it took a number of months, I know they kept searching and I believe they have found someone who might be the right man for me. My Just lunch dating site st. louis best wishes always! Aleisha has been very nice during this meeting. Looking forward to meeting my next date. Sometimes find it awkward not Just lunch dating site st. louis able to reach someone with questions of the moment. I have been very pleased with working with the staff at IJL.

They are very professional, friendly and seem to really care about finding me my match. I am very excited to have joined and from my experiences Just lunch dating site st. louis far I feel I will meet the kind of man that I am looking for. I have really just begun my journey with It's Just Lunch. She has been amazing to work with locating a match.

She is Just lunch dating site st. louis patience, a good listener, very encouraging and committed to finding my match. Kim and Tameka have been very swift in responses and very professional. They make Every tiny detail happen and things flow smoothly. I have felt extremely comfortable having these two manage my personal life and set up what is hopefully my future life and relationship.

Just now I feel a responsibility to share my experience because the service was very expensive and the process emotionally taxing. I am an attractive and successful forty year old woman with an open heart. I had the highest hopes of being matched with someone similar to Just lunch dating site st. louis. I use the word match very lightly as It's Just Lunch!

At times I felt I actually worked for them. I was sent out on continuous dates with men who were disgruntled clients, I think I was sent out with them to appease them.

As If IJL was showing them, look shes attractive and interesting, we are doing our job. I felt like a lamb to the slaughter One beer bellied middle aged man at a time. The weekly disappointing dates finally led to just Just lunch dating site st.

louis fatigue teetering on depression. My matchmaker then informed me that for ten thousand more dollars I could be "matched" with her elite clients, confirming that until then I'd been paired with the leftovers, the scraps, the cuts to be thrown into the stew. In closing I would recommend you save the thousands, put it in your IRAs and her online and Just lunch dating site st. louis with friends more. I did end up finding love recently through mutual friends, so don't give Just lunch dating site st.

louis and perhaps even you'll pull a lucky number at IJL but know that it is not a matchmaking service, it is a lottery. You might strike gold. Your contract and service overall is terrible. As a professional sales person I was grilled for my interview as a female Maymismatched for a very dangerous date 4 months after contract signing of 4 dates Just lunch dating site st.

louis the Just lunch dating site st. louis. It would appear your one year contractual agreement is a moving target as you truly lack the marketing and selection of quality candidates. Your business paradigm no longer fits current dating or meeting sites. Fortunate for me I am in marketing and I understand the failure of your long distance phone bank operating part time system.

It was a miracle you put us together, my contract should have expired but since you do not have any members as you speak of, miracle for me to meet Garry in Assess your own contract versus deliverables.

My team currently is very kind and responsive to my phone calls and other communications. They have asked me about my date and seem genuinely interested in me having a good time and meeting people that are compatible with my personality. I do really like them! Kimberli and Tameka were exceptionally helpful and responsive. With their help I believe I have met someone I can have a meaningful relationship with.

They made the process seamless and painless. I believe that if this relationship does not work they will find me a suitable companion down the road. Obed matched me with a guy who seemed authentic, kind, and interested in a long term commitment. I would highly recommend this experience to others. This is my first time doing its just lunch. It is different from online dating because you meet your date in person to see if you have chemistry with each Just lunch dating site st.

louis. I also like the way the matchmaker does everything and you can get to know your date in person. The selection process took a bit of time but the match came very close to what I had asked for.

The first date went well. We enjoyed a nice lunch and had a lot in common. It was well organized and planned out. I just started working with a dating service called It's Just Lunch.

Kim and Tameka have done such a great job guiding me through the process and preparing me for a great adventure. I look forward to working with them as this adventure continues. So far my experience with IJL has been great. My initial call I spoke with Kate and she was excellent at her job. Have questions about getting started with the best dating service in Chicago? Read answers from our matchmaking experts. Welcome to It's Just Lunch St.

Louis! We are a specialized dating service for busy professionals. The Gateway to the West, St. Louis has so much to offer. See why It's Just Lunch is the world's #1 matchmaker and dating service. Our St Louis matchmaking experts provide an enjoyable alternative to online dating.

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