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Is he no longer sexually attracted to me


I'm experiencing the same thing. Its interesting because I'm someone who gets a lot of attention for my looks and have always been told I'm beautiful. I'm used to being wanted by my boyfriends and the sex only gets better over time. Even in long term relationships, I had never experienced a dry spell.

My current boyfriend is 12 years Is he no longer sexually attracted to me I'm 27, he's 39 and hes not someone who is fit or attractive, but I'm crazy about him. I don't care how many times we've fought, my sexual desire has only grown.

He says that it's hard for him to sleep with me because of our fights. He just doesn't get in the mood anymore and seems to prefer porn. I know he loves me, though. Is he no longer sexually attracted to me there is something else going on in the relationship and he's being affected by it.

The only way to find out is to talk to him. Perhaps some men just get bored no matter how beautiful their partner is or how much they love them. It really sucks for us though. I've finally decided to get it elsewhere and he's ok with that. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. My boyfriend loves me but isn't attracted to me, how is it possible? Continue on at your own peril.

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You are already becoming dissatisfied with the lack of sex, how will you feel in 5 yrs, or 10, or 40? You are going to be angry, broken, frustrated, etc. In a long relationship, things ebb and flow.

Sometimes things are hot and steamy, other times it's more like a friendship, with much more intimate moments. Giving up on sex shouldn't be on the cards.

Even years into a long Is he no longer sexually attracted to me, there is satisfying and happy sex. If you are not matched well sexually, you are not going to be happy. Partners should have about the same amount of desire and need for sex.

It also seems that he is willing to deny you pleasure, because he isn't in the mood. After all, there are lots of things he could do if he wanted, it doesn't always have Is he no longer sexually attracted to me be about the penis. If he was doing all sorts of other things with you, you'd probably hardly notice that you didn't have vaginal sex very often.

You are already upset. I am sure you have plenty of friends.

"It's a lot more complex...

Is he no longer sexually attracted to me If you wanted to have a platonic room mate, that would be plenty easy to arrange. You need to listen to your heart. You are already frustrated and unhappy.

Make sure you take this as a sign of your future together. And do not settle for this, if you know in your heart it's not right for you. Perhaps he is willing to open your relationship - this would be another idea to discuss. This will complicate things, something you may not be interested in doing, so first examine this in your own heart. This is a difficult situation. Only you can decide what is best for your needs. IMO, giving up sex at a young age is going too far to try to keep someone as a partner.

Thank you for your feedback! I really love a girl, but I'm not attracted to her. How is this possible?

"It's a lot more complex...

Why doesn't my boyfriend find me attractive anymore? My boyfriend isn't attracted to me because I'm too thin, what should I do? My boyfriend told me that he thinks I'm unattractive but he loves me. Isn't love supposed to create a feeling of attraction?

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Quora UserI have some ideas about relationships By telling you he sees himself with you forever, there is a certain amount of ego investment going into this. Along with all of the other investments you've Is he no longer sexually attracted to me. Nobody likes to think they're willing to walk away from investments. Long term relationships aren't usually some magical Disney fairy land. They come into an area where the partners gradually come to love each other due to the benefits of interdependence and pair-bonding.

In some way, the other person truly becomes part of them. And the idea of not being with them becomes unthinkable. Really good long term relationships involve two people who continue to surprise their partners Is he no longer sexually attracted to me romance, while fulfilling the comforting role of someone familiar.

I'm thinking your guy is remembering the chemical rush of your early days, infatuated with something new youand he is comparing now with then. This is why he is probably saying he isn't attracted, but he loves his investment in what you two have become. The question is, is this what you want? If you're losing the spark for each other, it may be that you can't see how the long term pair bonding is providing what Is he no longer sexually attracted to me need, compared to what you thought he provided in the past.

Long term relationships take continued effort, and an appreciation of what satisfies you regarding your partner. Your situation is very normal, and frankly a lot of relationships never make it past this phase. If you can find a way to connect again on a passionate level, you'll be okay, but if that never happens then it's doomed to fail.

Counseling might help, but honestly it sounds like the problem is mostly in his mind. There's only so much you can do. Answered Apr 28, I'm writing this with the Is he no longer sexually attracted to me that you are a western female, maybe in USA or Europe. Other cultures are beyond my pay grade. The fact that you are having no sex at all with him says its over. What, NONE, at all, since he returned?? He may love you, but it has turned platonic. It is good Is he no longer sexually attracted to me have platonic friends, people that you like, trust and understand.

It is no good at all that these people are the only thing you have. The alternative is that something happened to him while you were apart - he got involved elsewhere, maybe caught something. Maybe he is still in love with 'her'? He feels guilty, possibly 'dirty', and feels unworthy of repeating those acts with you. Either way, as others have suggested, get counselling or get out.

From the question, I guess you are about This is way too young to go celibate! Ok, it is important at 30, 40, At this age you should may expect to be doing it lots. Even if you have been together 3 years. And especially if you have been apart for a while after being sexually active. Counselling is something to do if you have huge investments in the relationship, if you are married, if there are children.

Is he no longer sexually attracted to me, I would tend to take the shallow and modern 'disposable' approach that you have given a lot of your life and effort to this and it has fizzled out - so leave. It is just throwing good time after bad, if I may mangle an aphorism.

Also, the old adage about cars and houses 'never buy the first one you try' applies very acutely to relationships, too. You really must go out and get some exposure to other men, other relationships. You have seen how nice it can be, now go and find something with sexual passion. You really need to find out if swinging from chandeliers with a lover works for you! It is much better to do this in your 20s than it is to realise that you should have tried somebody else when you have married and jobs, mortgages, kids.

All you have to do now is work how to nicely back out of what has obviously failed with minimal hurt to him and you. And it will hurt - tears etc, but be firm. Keep him as a friend, if that is ok for both.

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But be prepared to loose him. There are some issues here that need to be resolved with the help of a trained professional. What to Do if You're Not Sexually Attracted to Your Partner The most recent person to ask me this is a woman I'll call Amanda, who said she is drawn to her boyfriend But Amanda is just not sure if she should feel more.

Signs that your partner is not sexually attracted to you, and advice on how to reignite the does he/she want to go out more without you?.

He announced he is no longer sexually attracted to me. I am devastated. I am to fly attracted to Is he no longer sexually attracted to me husband but have been told we will never be having sex.

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