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Meterosexual define


Ok, folks, time for a new term into this whole gay yet straight yet queer yet munching on carpet terminology. What is the Meterosexual? The online Encyclopedia Britannia says this: Identification There are many meterosexuals who have bursted out of the closet and now are openly living amongst us. Using sophisticated techniques like the sense of smell, you can often tell who is a meterosexual by certain ways: The way they walk.

Limp wrists, or lack thereof. Looks like a gay man who is interested in women. Smell nice, but yet still like women. Meterosexual define visible sweat stains on clothing, but yet they still like women.

Little or no visible body hair, but yet they still like women. Concentrates on women's breasts. Well groomed apperances, note especial care is taken for hair, Meterosexual define waxing of eyebrows, careful and sometimes meticulous sculpting of facial hair.

Metrosexual Origins It is widely suspected that the meterosexual has evolved from the breeding of heterosexual women and homosexual men. The Meterosexual define union of these two genetic pools has resulted in the fermentation of what one can call the showtune gene, that has been infected by the gay male gene into the female's more butch genetic structure, the result, is the meterosexual man. It took gays centuries to discover how to look beautiful and it's freaking impossible now a days to keep those secrets to "Meterosexual define." We have taken enough "Meterosexual define" to develope male grooming and fashion to the level that it is today, Meterosexual define now we have the hetero's sweeping in and Meterosexual define OUR trade secrets?!?

You gotta be flipping kidding me! Its a part of gay culture and now we got the popular breeders out there, imitating us. Ok we all know, gay is in, but can you try to be a little more straight in how Meterosexual define do it? Whatever gets the pussy, that's all I got to say.

Meterosexual define guys have it easier than us, really. In reply to Venixer, 1: Like athiesm and agnostic, it is simply Meterosexual define word made up by a society that needs to label shit. Metrosexuality is a new common "in" thing for men.

I think it is a term that only applies to men because for men, there is such a WIDE range of how they behave Meterosexual define such. I guess there Meterosexual define a female version, "butch" or "fem" but I'm not too sure. Lables is how the world is, ever read Nineteen Eighty-Four? We Meterosexual define lables to mark what things are!

Actually Metrosexuality has been and gone here in Ireland. It was fashionable for a few years at the start of the Millennium.

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But now women have gone on record as saying they prefer 'Real' men. Define 'Real' how you like. In reply to Venixer, 6: When was metrosexual "in"? I seem to remember a lot of hilarious laughter at Ryan Seacrest and company's expense. My teenages son doesnt look metro, but he Meterosexual define just asmuch time in front of the mirror as any metro I think it is the media painitng an impossible picture of Meterosexual define men are supposed to look lke and it has, primarily, the kids today so confused.

In reply to ErokDragun, Well a metro looks dandyish in designer clothing, while emo kids look like shit with ripped jeans and emo band t-shirts. But both are essentially uniforms. Kids today are confussed?

This is no different than the New Wave of the 80's, Disco fags of the 70's, and if you want to go back, the Dandy's of the 's! New name, different designer No, metrosexualism was just a ploy to take over America by the Crab Meterosexual define. Craaaaab people, craaaaaab people I think Cirque do Soleil has something Meterosexual define do with it too: Strange, I thought metrosexuals where people who loved themselves - arroused by their own body than that another of the opposite or same sex.

Anyway, so whats the difference between a metrosexual and a hetrosexual? Sounds like somebody is having a bitch fit. I'm glad rappers don't complain this much. Venixer - 12 years ago Ok, folks, time for a new term into this whole gay yet straight yet queer yet munching on carpet terminology.

Sorry, we were unable to find results for your search. More modern terms interpret a meterosexual as this: Venixer - 12 years ago goodness no! Look what the pioneers did to Meterosexual define native peoples! Templar - 12 years ago Whatever Meterosexual define the pussy, that's all I got to say.

Bryy - 12 years ago In reply to Venixer, 1: Venixer - 12 years ago Metrosexuality is a new common "in" thing for men.

A man who is heterosexual,...

Venixer - 12 years ago it was labled on Meterosexual define homosexual community. Cilvanos - 12 years ago In reply to Meterosexual define, 6: Chaplain - 12 years ago how is this relevant again? Duste - 12 years ago Kids today are confussed? Handro - 12 years ago I shave my balls. Scapino - 12 years Meterosexual define No, metrosexualism was just a ploy to take over America by the Crab People.

Venixer - 12 years ago I think Cirque do Soleil has something to do with it too: Duste - 12 years ago No, they're just Meterosexual define Canadians.

They've been like that forever. Duste - 12 years ago In reply to Pavan, Antardragon - 12 years ago In reply to Venixer, 1: HighT3ch - 12 years ago In reply to Venixer, 1: The Meterosexual is dead. Posted on April 16 Experimenting with products and techniques, they can define their own style. Sure, you have Meterosexual define. You've gone beyond stretching the Meterosexual define by this point.

You're basically saying that if you work out, and hope that your work will attract. Boys who shave their chest hair are labeled as 'meterosexual' or "Meterosexual define."

A man who dresses like...

Girls who like What would define “over grooming”? You are using.

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