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Muslim woman stoned death

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The stoning of Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was a public execution carried out by the Al-Shabaab militant group on October 27, in the southern port town of KismayoSomalia. Initial reports stated that the victim, Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, was a year-old woman found guilty of adultery.

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However, Muslim woman stoned death father and aunt stated that she was 13 years old, under the age of marriage eligibility, and that she was arrested and stoned to death after trying to report that she had been raped. The execution took place in a public stadium attended by about 1, bystanders, several of whom attempted to intervene but were shot by the militants.

The stoning was condemned by several human rights groups and was cited as being among the first incidents in the civil war in Somalia to be widely reported in the Western media. Inthe government of then President of Somalia Siad Barre was overthrown by a coalition of armed factions. Al-Shabaabthe ICU's militant and youth branch, subsequently took up irregular warfare and guerrilla tactics against the allied forces.

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In the months leading up to Duhulow's execution, Al-Shabaab had been gaining strength, as it had seized control of the Port of Kismayoessentially shut down Mogadishu's Aden Adde International Airportand dismantled pro-government roadblocks.

Duhulow and her family moved to the southern city of KismayoSomalia from the Hagardeer refugee camp in DadaabKenya in July They were asked to return to the station a Muslim woman stoned death days later, having been told that two suspects had been apprehended.

Duhulow was subsequently arrested by the insurgents under charges that she had "chatted up" the men and committed adultery.

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The militant tribunal asserted that Duhulow had come to it with an admission of guilt, and that she was repeatedly asked to reconsider her confession but that she instead insisted that she wanted Sharia law and the attendant punishment to be applied. On October 27,during the afternoon, several Muslim woman stoned death transported Duhulow to a public stadium in Kismayo containing around 1, people.

Although many witnesses to the event were too afraid of the armed militants to intervene, several bystanders attempted to save her.

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The insurgents responded by opening fire on them, in the process killing an eight-year-old boy. In DecemberNada Ali of Human Rights Watch HWR cited Duhulow as an example of females in the parts of south-central Somalia that were Muslim woman stoned death the time under insurgent control who had little recourse to fair trials and health services. She stated, "Aisha's horrific death is likely to discourage rape victims from reporting rape or seeking justice from the Islamist insurgents.

Rape in the Hebrew Bibleto her great-aunt, the rape victims in the Congo, and Duhulow, saying, "I honor Aisha and what she had to endure in her young life.

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The Al-Shabaab militia prohibited journalists from taking pictures of the stoning, but allowed them to document the event. Witnesses and local journalists estimated her age at 23 based on her appearance. However, he denied any involvement with the Amnesty International Muslim woman stoned death release. Notable reactions by international organizations immediately after the Duhulow incident included:.

Mohamed Abdullahi, director of the Somali Community Initiative in the United Kingdom, said that many Somali immigrants in the UK had been sympathetic to Al-Shabaab in the previous years and had sent funds to it.

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He further said, "Over here in Britain, they are not seeing the violence that they are fuelling, or realising that al-Shabaab has some very hardline policies. Many people here were shocked to hear about the stoning incident, and said that it was not Islamic.

In that case, they should think twice about sending money. The African newspaper Maghrebia reported that the incident drew outrage in the Maghreb region of Northwest Africa.

The stoning of Aisha Ibrahim...

Bassima Hakkaoui, a Moroccan Islamist Justice and Development Party MP, commented, "In principle, the state has laws which specify which party is supposed to give judgement, along with the nature of the crime. It defies logic to hand down a death sentence to a woman who has been raped.

These people are radicals and extremists.

The stoning was equally condemned in Tunisia and Algeriawhere head of the Mounia Association Muslim woman stoned death the Protection of Single Women Zakia Gawaou described the situation as unacceptable.

She was a victim of rape, as is the case of many young girls and women in Algeria who are raped by extremists. Therefore, sentencing her to death cannot be related to Islam.

The danger doesn't lie with those people, but with those who just watch what they do without confronting them strongly and firmly. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved September 3, Girl stoned was a child of 13".