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Animal is the debut studio album by American singer and songwriter Kesha. Kesha worked with a variety of record producers and songwriters such as Lukasz "Dr. Cox passed along the demo and it ended up in the hands of Gottwald, who decided to have Kesha perform on the song " Right Round ".

Within two months, the song became a hit in multiple countries around the world. The event led to Kesha being sought after by many major labels, and she eventually signed a multi-album deal with RCA Records. Musically, Animal draws from the electropop genre, while incorporating elements of dance-pop in its production and beats.

Lyrically, the majority of the album's songs are based on Kesha's past life experiences of love, heartbreak, boys, Becky 1st time3of3 having a good time.

The album received mixed reviews from music critics. Some appreciated its fun, carefree nature, while others dismissed it as juvenile and said that it seemed insincere. Animal was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America RIAA for shipments of one million copies to the United States and has sold over two million copies worldwide. Four singles were released Becky 1st time3of3 the album.

Its lead single, " Tik Tok ", was released on August 7, and was a worldwide hit, reaching number one in eleven countries.

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It reached number one on the US Billboard Hot and stayed at Becky 1st time3of3 top for nine consecutive weeks. The song sold It has now sold over fifteen million copies worldwide, and as of August 7, exactly five years after its releaseit's the second best-selling digital single worldwide.

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Cox, who had worked with Kesha before, passed along the demos to a friend at BMI, who passed it to the manager of Lukasz Gottwald, known as Dr. At the age of eighteen, Kesha signed to Dr. Luke's label, Kemosabe Records, and his publishing company, Prescription Songs.

Singles certified platinum by the...

Luke was busy with other projects at the time, and Kesha ultimately wound up signed to David Sonenberg 's management company, DAS.

While at DAS she worked with several top writers and producers, but rarely worked with or even spoke to Luke. DAS searched for a label deal for Becky 1st time3of3 despite her still being in a signed contract with Luke.

At the end ofLuke was working on a track Becky 1st time3of3 Flo Rida called " Right Round ", and the two decided they needed a female hook. Luke decided to have Kesha perform on the song and within two months, it was a number one hit in multiple countries around the world. The event led to Kesha being sought after by many major labels, [2] and she eventually signed a multi-album deal with RCA Records.

Kesha had been working on Animal for seven years prior to its release, and had written over songs for Becky 1st time3of3 album. I wrote the song when I was 16 with my mom, and I was like, "This song's so dope, I know it is".

I believe, sonically, the next record might be going. Me and my brother had a silly punk band before, and I loved pop music and I liked catchy music, but I think I also am possessed to be what some critics might deem as silly pop music. I think I have more shit to offer, so I think that "Animal" is a nice segue into the next record, hopefully. Musically, Animal is of the dance-pop and electro-pop genres, while incorporating elements of electro in its production and beats.

Musically, the song uses a simple, upbeat lyric line. RCA noticed Kesha's strong following on social media when negotiating her contract and thus relied on viral marketing to build a following for her debut single, " Tik Tok " offering it for free a month before releasing it for digital download.

It was released in North America and Spain four days later. To promote the album, Kesha did several performances worldwide. The first was on February 18,on Alan Carr: The performance was accompanied by 3OH! By the second verse, her dancers — dressed head to toe in black — started to appropriately undress to the music as the Becky 1st time3of3 starts revealing gold shirts and tank-tops. The performance featured smoke Becky 1st time3of3 with Kesha playing notes on an electric keyboard while crawling on the floor.

Critics generally praised the lyrics and celebration of party lifestyle; the song's production was generally well received although some critics criticized the song for sounding irritating and being too similar to other tracks performed by the likes of Lady Gaga and Uffie. It had charted before being released in the album's debut week in the United States due to strong Becky 1st time3of3 download sales [42] on par with " Tik Tok ", which influenced RCA's decision to release it as the next single.

The song generated generally positive reviews from music critics. Critics complimented the song for its strong hook, Becky 1st time3of3 had mixed reactions about the chorus. Kesha was praised for knowing her way around a "strong pop chorus", while others critics called it predictable and dull.

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Upon its release the single generated mixed to positive reviews from music critics. A common complaint amongst critics was the demonstration of overly processed vocals with the use of auto-tune. After being released as a single the song reached the top ten in Canada, Australia and the United States.

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Animal received mixed reviews from music critics upon its release. The album holds a score 54 out of based on 18 critical reviews, according to the music review aggregator Metacritic. Luke for "refashion[ing] the screwball heroine role to suit a new era of aggressive superficiality and libertine self-empowerment". Her conclusion about Kesha and the album was that "[h]er total commitment to the deliberately stupid script Animal provides makes [the album] work.

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Monica Herrera of Billboard commented that the prevalent use of Auto-Tune on Kesha's vocals made it difficult to tell if she could actually sing, citing the song " Take It Off " as an example of "how easily individuality can get lost in a sea of Auto-Tune". On the other hand, Herrera was impressed with the "choruses that stick with the listener for days.

In Canada, the album debuted at number one on the Canadian Albums Chart with sales of 16, [63] later going on to become the biggest-selling digital album in the country. In Australia, the album debuted at number four, where it stayed consecutively for two weeks before falling to the number five Becky 1st time3of3.

Originally Becky 1st time3of3 to only be a re-release of AnimalCannibal was instead released both as a deluxe edition of Animal as well as a stand-alone EP.

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The EP has been classified as a follow up "nine-song companion" record to Animal. Credits adapted from the liner notes of Animal.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. August 7, " Blah Blah Blah " Released: May 21, " Take It Off " Released: I named it that because I want people to lose it when they listen to my record and go to Becky 1st time3of3 animal part of themselves that they suppress.

Society has taught us to suppress certain things and not do certain things.

Luke Benny Blanco Ammo. Sebert Lukasz Gottwald Benjamin Levin. Sebert Lukasz Gottwald Claude Kelly. David Gamson Leiber [A].

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