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When Arlene Donnelly Documented lifestyle nudist women and David Nelson directed and produced Naked Statesa documentary about artist Spencer Tunick's quest to photograph individual portraits and large-scale installations of nudes in public places throughout the United States, they embarked on what eventually became a trilogy of films about Tunick and his work.

In Naked Statesits sequel Naked World and the Documented lifestyle nudist women film positively nakedthe Nelsons have connected audiences to the creative journey of Tunick and his subjects in a fluid and compelling approach to profiling an artist whose work is very much a collaboration with the public.

He and Donnelly Nelson, an award-winning director and cinematographer, have collaborated for 16 years. They met in high school in Brooklyn, New York and later became production assistants together on independent films, including several Spike Lee projects.

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Eventually, they married and moved to Los Documented lifestyle nudist women in and Donnelly Nelson went on to shoot many commercials and also served as director of photography on Christopher Guest's A Mighty Wind. She made her feature-length directing debut with Naked Stateswhich Nelson produced, and they co-directed the last film in the trilogy, positively nakeda film about one event, in which Tunick brought 85 HIV people together in a downtown Manhattan restaurant to shoot a photograph for the cover of POZ Magazine's year anniversary issue.

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