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Brian discussed the shifting dynamics of Mount Vernon over glasses of red wine. For decades, Mount Vernon was widely considered Baltimore's most prominent and safest area for the LGBT community to live, work and socialize. It has been home to the city's most well-known gay bars, LGBT-friendly services and, for years, the festivities of the annual Baltimore Pride celebration.

But a new generation is making its presence known in a wider range of neighborhoods. Some of the issues at play are growing acceptance in the wider community; local LGBT leadership expanding beyond gay white men to women, people of color and the transgender community; and an up-front effort Lesbian neighborhoods maryland Old Goucher to Lesbian neighborhoods maryland identified as the "gayborhood.

It's about the community," said Ian Parrish, one of the owners of the Eagle. The Lesbian neighborhoods maryland need for a centralized "gayborhood" reflects a larger national trend, said Jim Downs, associate professor of history at Connecticut College and author of "Stand by Me: The Forgotten History of Gay Liberation.

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Living in these neighborhoods in the s and '80s was a political statement — to be out of the closet freely — but the younger Lesbian neighborhoods maryland no longer views it that way, he said. They've come out in a completely different political landscape that doesn't necessitate having a community of their own," Downs said.

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In the late '60s and '70s, that was far from the case. Baltimore's LGBT population felt the need to mobilize Lesbian neighborhoods maryland new organizations. To him, Mount Vernon is still the "gayborhood," but he acknowledges that generational changes have lessened its impact. I would hate to see that vanish. The organization moved to Old Goucher, a neighborhood bound by 20th and 27th streets between Charles Village and Charles North, last year.

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When the idea of relocating Pride was brought up to Kelly Cross, president of the Old Goucher Community Association, Lyles said the response was "very welcoming. Lesbian neighborhoods maryland Richter, president of the Mount Vernon-Belvedere Association, said she believes Mount Vernon is an inclusive community, and is still Baltimore's "gayborhood.

Lesbian neighborhoods maryland Costello, the councilman who represents Mount Vernon, did not respond to requests for comment for this article.

While Lyles avoids declaring any section the "new gayborhood," Cross has been openly courting the distinction since becoming president of the Old Goucher neighborhood association in Since then, he's noticed LGBT people moving into the area, "particularly people who have migrated here from D.