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Snl sexual harassment and you skit

xXx Galleries Snl sexual harassment and you skit.

It was a difficult enough job already before every high-profile man in every industry started getting fired over sexual harassment.

Mining comedy out of that ongoing sewer saga is as difficult as, well, trying to mine coal out of the dying coal industry. The writers at Saturday Night Live have been flinty and adaptive in their mission to somehow make sexual harassment hilariousbut this week they stumbled hard.

by HOT Who can forget...

Before leaving the office for the final time, however, both men are made to formally apologize to the staff something that, of course, would never happen, but whatever. It goes like this:.

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The sexual politics at play in this sketch are straight out of a Reddit thread for pickup artists. What those bridge trolls believe is that women enjoy being catcalled if the dude who does it is attractive or is at least harmless.

Parents are donating dirty diapers...

I bet a woman might find it exceedingly ill-timed, and kind of suspicious. The women definitely do go easier on Charlie, the question is: Whether the joke is about how common it is for a charming old black man to harass women, or how quietly flattering and fun it is when they do, there is one group the joke spares: Probably not, but the meaning of the sketch is enigmatic enough that almost no possibility feels out of bounds.

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The last thing anyone who recently watched and enjoyed The Disaster Artist wants to do is think about the time James Franco sexted a year-old. If that memory is lurking in the back of your brain somewhere, though, seeing Franco play a letch-y dude in a sketch set during the MeToo movement will pull it to the forefront.

The good news is that this misfire of a sketch is an anomaly, the cold open that preceded it handled the wave of outed sexual harassers in a much better way, and is more representative of what the show has been doing lately. By Joe Berkowitz 5 minute Read. It goes like this: For a lot of reasons.

One of the funnier, sad,...

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