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VR-Zone Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. Well, even if you just want to use an SSD for caching and don't have Mediapad x2 xdating right motherboard, this can be a hassle.

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An adaptor has appeared in Japan that allows for an easy solution for those inclined to get SSD caching on their system and it's a rather peculiar looking setup. The company behind the adaptor is called Kuroutoshikou and it's a company that tend "Mediapad x2 xdating" come up with all sorts of unusual bits of hardware.

This chip is already available on a few RAID cards, but this is where things get interesting. For most users this is just an extravagant way of setting up SSD caching, as using a 2. However, if you have a compact case, or a low profile case with limited drive space, then this card would very well come in handy.

One feature that so far has been a bit of a secret with regards to Gigabyte's just launched G1. We also scored some exclusive hands on pictures of the board, so click on through for those.

Sniper2 motherboard is that it 1. Sniper2 is only the first of many motherboards to come from Gigabyte that will feature digital switches with PCI Express Gen 3 support.

Over time the company will transition all of its dual x8 PCI Express slot motherboards to these switches. So in other words, expect new revisions of your favourite Gigabyte motherboards in the next few months. So Mediapad x2 xdating about the G1.

Well, we've already reported about it and even posted a few pictures of the board and now we have a few hands Mediapad x2 xdating pictures as well as one of the packaging. The board comes in a fancy display box, as it rightly should as this is a premium product. Nothing has really changed since the board first made an appearance, but it's officially up on Gigabyte's website as of today.

One feature we like is the bundled front panel that not only adds a pair of USB 3. Another feature we weren't aware of and that has Mediapad x2 xdating long coming is the fact that all of the fan headers on the board are of the 4-pin type, or in other words, all the fan headers support PWM fans. As a side note with regards to PCI Express 3. That said, even boards with PCI Express 2. Then again, none of this is any good until Intel launches Ivy Bridge in March or April next year and that's when we'll find out how compatible things really are, as currently no-one can Mediapad x2 xdating if it'll all work as intended.

LG Electronics has announced the availability of two new additions to its Optimus line of Android-powered smartphones in Taiwan today, the Optimus 3D and a white variant of the Optimus 2X smartphone which was recently introduced to the market this year. According to the company, the new Optimus 3D smartphone is capable of bringing the 3D cinema experience to users, a feat made possible by the technology used to power it. More details after the break LG has also claimed that the Optimus 3D smartphone will feature dual-rear-facing cameras which can be used to capture videos or still images in either stereoscopic 3D or conventional 2D, while the captured content can then be outputted to a larger external display Mediapad x2 xdating as television sets via Mediapad x2 xdating builtin HDMI-out port, or "Mediapad x2 xdating" streaming the content via a local network, an option made possible due to the Optimus 3D boasting support for DLNA.

Touted as the world's first smartphone to make use of what it calls its "naked eye 3D technology", LG claims that the Optimus 3D smartphone Mediapad x2 xdating away with the need to make use of specialized 3D glasses, thus allowing for the "immediate appreciation" and sharing of 3D content, such as video files or still images. This is made possible by the smartphone's use of a 4.

Oh, and one more thing; the smartphone is reportedly capable with Google's 3D YouTube video streaming service as well.

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Here are a few more pictures of the press event that took place in Taipei today: The Optimus 3D will initially ship Mediapad x2 xdating version 2. The phone will also reportedly be pre-loaded with three 3D games, namely NOVA, Asphalt 6 and Let's Golf 2, while up to seven more 3D titles will be made available for download at no charge.

The hardware specifications for the LG Optimus 3D smartphone are as follow:. Last but definitely not least, LG also unveiled a white variant of its Optimus 2X smartphone in Taipei:. As far as we can tell, this claim is true at the moment. The core clock on this card has been pushed all "Mediapad x2 xdating" way to MHz, which is on par with reference HD speed. Memory clock is a decent, if not outstanding, MHz.

This feature was implemented in the reference design but taken out by some other vendors, presumably to cut costs. Sapphire also includes a custom overclocking utility.

Mediapad x2 xdating the original press release below: It has a high performance cooler featuring a Vapor Chamber, blower fan and a new perforated backplate to increase airflow out of the system case. Performance can be further enhanced with SAPPHIRE TriXX - the company's dedicated overclocking tool which allows memory and core clock speeds and Mediapad x2 xdating to be modified and monitored and is available free to download.

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The card has HDMI 1. For more details please visit www. Good news for Skype users on Android waiting patently for video call support. An additional 17 devices were supported on their latest Skype 2. Good news for Skype users on Android waiting patently for video call support on their mobile device. For Mediapad x2 xdating who are using Android devices not listed above but you are on Android Mediapad x2 xdating. Of course, if you do not see the settings, you are out of luck and do not meet the minimum requirements set by Skype.

Next generation Apple iPhone is said to be 4G-capable Source: Looks like Mediapad x2 xdating next generation iPhone is surely arriving, with many rumors about the phone brewing almost every week. Well, this time, it seems that China Mobile has "confirmed" the new iPhone is going to be 4G-capable. Now, the question is, will the new phone be an entirely new iPhone 5, or an improved iPhone 4 such as iPhone 4S or 4G?

Although the news isn't exactly new, it could hint that the next generation iPhone would be Mediapad x2 xdating iPhone 4S type device, with 4G capabilities, rather than "Mediapad x2 xdating" brand new iPhone 5 design.

This would make sense with some of the rumors that the next generation iPhone, which could be the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 4G has actually "Mediapad x2 xdating" carry network testing. Regardless of whether it would be a new designed iPhone 5 or just Mediapad x2 xdating rehashed, improved version of the iPhone 4, many users are waiting for the phone's arrival.

Avatar Kinect is a new social entertainment experience that brings your avatar to life. Avatar Kinect can capture your facial expressions and voice so that when you smile, nod or speak, your avatar will do the same. On top of that, you can share the fun by capturing animated videos you can post online for your family, friends or fans to enjoy. Share your video recording with friends by uploading it to KinectShare.

You can also post it to your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Avatar Kinect captures your facial expression so that your avatar will do the same, and you can have talk shows with friends with your avatar. Kinect Sparkler lets you do finger drawing onscreen with sparkler, and you can even draw in 3-D. Kinect Sparkler was launched in Kinect Fun Labs on 28 July and it transforms simple finger painting into an aerial light show, using brand new Kinect tech such as background removal and detailed finger tracking.

Use your body Mediapad x2 xdating a stencil and your fingers to paint with light or write with sparklers, turning your room into a canvas. You can also draw in 3-D, moving the sparklers in front of and behind your foreground image, and then view your creation from multiple angels by moving your head. Share your masterpiece with friends and family by uploading it to KinectShare. Randi Zuckerberg Leaves Facebook Source: Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of founder Mark Zuckerberg, has decided to leave Facebook to start her own company.

Mediapad x2 xdating new company, RtoZ Media, will be focusing as the role to help companies to become more "social".


HTC to unlock bootloaders with a trade-off Source: Remember how HTC's locked bootloaders could be such a pain? Everyone was pleased when HTC announced that they are going to unlock bootloaders on their mobile devices. Well here is a update from the company on their facebook. Since our last update, many of you have asked how Mediapad x2 xdating bootloader unlocking process will actually work, and in particular why HTC's most recently released devices still have a locked bootloader.

Because unlocking the bootloader provides extensive control over the device Mediapad x2 xdating modifications may cause operation, security and experience issues, new devices will continue to ship locked but will support userinitiated unlocking using a new Web-based tool. So how will this work? The Web tool, which will launch this month, requires that you register an account with a valid email address and accept legal disclaimers that unlocking may void all or parts of your warranty.

Then plug in your phone to a computer with the Android SDK loaded to retrieve a device identifier token, which you can then enter into the Web Mediapad x2 xdating to receive a unique unlock key via e-mail.

Finally, apply the key to your device and unlocking will be initiated on your phone. We're excited to bring bootloader unlocking to developers and enthusiasts, and we feel this new Web tool will meet your needs and continue to provide customers with the best experience.

HUAWEI MediaPad X2. We use...

Thanks to the community for supporting these efforts! That's right, HTC will be giving you the freedom to unlock your bootloader, only after you accept a disclaimer notifying that "all or parts" of your warranty may be null and void.

Freedom comes at a price, what do you think of "Mediapad x2 xdating" HTC's take on unlocked bootloaders? Ultrabooks too expensive according to Taiwan notebook makers Source: It's easy to point fingers at Apple, but in this case we can't but wonder if some of the notebook manufacturers have overreached in terms of what they thought they could produce at a certain price point.

The notebook makers are now putting pressure on Intel to lower its CPU prices for them to be able to hit the target pricing for Ultrabooks. Part Mediapad x2 xdating the problem is said to be changes in the production process as most, if not all components will be soldered onto the main PCB of the Ultrabooks to help reduce weight and thickness.

SSDs are also Mediapad x2 xdating to meet the slim profile alongside li-polymer batteries and several other changes. Even so, Intel's CPUs are said to bear about one third of the total cost of an Ultrabook, which sounds "Mediapad x2 xdating" bit steep. At the event, MMD also showcased Philips' new ErgoSensor technology that claims to help correct a user's posture, as well as their inch 3D monitor. The question is if the notebook makers are willing to make this kind of a trade-off, especially after the low-end CULV notebooks failing to gather any kind of momentum and in the end even the high-end models ended up being sold Mediapad x2 xdating close to cost.

A repeat of this situation would be a disaster for the notebook makers and this seems to be the main reason why they're being so cautious about the Ultrabook market segment. That said, some innovation would go a long way to convince consumers to go for an Ultrabook "Mediapad x2 xdating" a regular notebook, despite Mediapad x2 xdating slightly higher price. We have a feeling that one reason why Apple's Philips launches new consumer and Mediapad x2 xdating monitors Source: The Philips Moda is a According to the company, there is no DVI input as it is phasing out and did not catch on consumers.

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MMD also introduced a pure white version of the Philips Moda right picture as well as one with the proprietary Lightframe technology.

Well, for the owners Mediapad x2 xdating the Android tablet (on Mediapad x2 xdating DoCoMo) in the land of the rising . Air-cooling Front Fan: Pre-installed mm white LED with black blades x2 on versions of OS X dating back to for both PowerPC and Intel Macs. huawei-y/ Mediapad x2 xdating extra-mediapad-x2/ My Tablet|ac79bu|Archos 79c Neon", "Archos|Bush MyTablet 7|ac70bu|Archos 70 "Lenovo|Lenovo X2 Pro|s7|Lenovo X2Pt5", "Lenovo|Lenovo X2 Pro|s7| VIBE ,danpalmer/,JavaScript, ,arshaw/ xdate.

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