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Can you buy mature trees

Pics Gallery Can you buy mature trees.

Rotate image Save Cancel. Purchasing mature trees I'm looking to purchase and have 2 mature trees planted in my backyard. Both will be around 11' tall. Wondering if anyone's had experience with this and could recommend someone that will service the Toronto area? Hey, I just did my backyard with tall mature trees.

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I went with woodhill gardens near bayview and steeles. I also visited tree valley and some other one off Hwy 7 and Centre. Tree Valley has a lot of trees of various sizes, and they are cheaper than woodhill, but after you factor in the delivery surcharge, it ended up around the same price. Angelo's prices are also decent, but they don't do installs.

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I ultimately went with woodhill because the "Tree Lady" Terri knows her stuff. I was looking for someone who can give feedback off my basic plans, but she gave more info for the trees that would be suited for my yard. The knowledge she provided was extremely valuable and I would not have any clue about placement, even though I researched the hell out of each species of tree.

They have to match and compliment each other while nicely fitting into the yard and other surrounding neighbour's landscape.

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I think they normally charge for landscaping designs, but I didn't pay any fees for her design consultation. After making the purchase, Terri actually comes on site and gave me more info and adjusted the location of the trees. She then instructs her foreman to do their stuff. The foreman also has an eye for trees and knew how to position the tree to have the best view facing the proper direction.

I can't give enough compliments to these professionals. I hope this helps. I try to see if I Can you buy mature trees post up some pix. Maybe even some before and after pix if you are interested. I planted 2 colorado spruces of different size and after few years they are the same hight if you Can you buy mature trees the root system of a large tree, it takes longer to restore it.

How much does something like that cost?

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Looking to get some mature trees installed as well. I live in a newer subdivision and nobody has any kind of tree in their backyards. You really pay a premium for a mature tree, and the tree has a harder time adjusting due to root stress. If it isn't imperative that you have a mature tree, I would just plant a regular one from the nursery the size you can bring home yourself.

Whatever you do don't be tempted to plant a fast growing tree, ie some varieties of Poplar. My neighbour planted a few in their back yard and when it shot up over ten feet in one year, it alarmed them so much, they took them out! If you have any immediate neighbours, you might make Can you buy mature trees of them is you plant trees that sucker into their yard.

It depends on the trees. A good source for prices and info on species would be treevalley.

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She said the tree was in their teens Another thing that Terri did was told me about my existing trees and how they would die in their current location. She helped me move them from the northern exposure in front to the backyard. The ornamental trees were in place as a part of the lanscaping job the interior designer did on the house before I moved in. They obviously don't care about what happens to the tree after a few years. I'm also in a new division where my lot is 40x So I have 'x40' for Can you buy mature trees backyard with a deck in place.

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It also has swales and a catch basin so I'm limited to the usable space. I thought installing a total of 4 mature trees, 4 cedars and 2 existing ornamental sculptured trees and 5 bushes would be a bit excessive, but my yard took it all and it looks like a great natural escape in my own home.

Terri showed me how to make full use of my yard and now I almost feel like I have my own botanical gardens there. Thanks Can you buy mature trees much for the input!

In terms of mature vs. I need something tall. Just hope I have enough clearance for the truck to get in.

That means you stood up for something sometime in your life! We're in the same boat - except I'm looking for ft tall trees with a Can you buy mature trees height of ft. We also do not want seedling, ie acorns, maple seeds to keep maintenance low. I can under stand the obsession with large trees. I came from a home with trees some to ft tall in the middle of Mississauga then going to a new development with absolutly no trees.

I didn't really realize the difference, no wildlife, shade, privacy We did plant a few trees 12ft high maples but at the current rate I would retire but it provides any real benefit. Anyway, spading is the way to go and it's hard to get a warranty longer than 1 year.

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Largest spade is about 90" and depending on the caliper thickness of the truck it can used with one of these spade or for really large trees, manual excavationa and crane is used for transport.

Big buck when using the crane. Yeah, you do pay Can you buy mature trees premium for a mature tree. I did read excellent growth with hybrid poplars which we're considering. Just be certain to account for current and future growth in the area you plant the tree. As an FYI, Humber Nursery has liftetime warranty on Autumn Blaze maple right now- mind you they are ft tall but still a good deal for the warranty.

Just a side note. I saw these days on DIY show an amazing tree transplant. It happened in US, somewhere south I think.

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A 12, pounds years old olive tree was transplanted. They didn't say the cost and was anyway part of a bigger backyard project paid by the show. Ideally I would expect them to come back and replace the tree with another one, but that is not going Can you buy mature trees happen The most I got is a free visit by their tree expert who adviced us what to do in attempt to help the tree adapt Even with all the help and care the tree looks miserable now, balancing on life and death and I really would not want to spend money bringing it back and then spend the same money getting a new one which may or may not live.

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