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Mature hotwives tumblr


Reblog every time I Mature hotwives tumblr this. She and I have something in common we both are Mature hotwives tumblr verbal and love this position. You are successful in life, because you are obedient to me. You increase your level of submission with each command I give you.

You are efficient and complete my assignments to you on time. You will abstain from masturbation to increase energy to be directed towards me.

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Mature hotwives tumblr are physically strong and this pleases me. You are the most physically and mentally fit than you have ever been in your life. Your ego will remain in check to more effectively serve my me. Your diet is comprised of what I say it is, and there are no exceptions. You will listen to submissive training hypnosis daily to mentally healthier for my use. Your health grows stronger with each submissive act I delegate to you.

"Mature hotwives tumblr" submissive acts increases our wealth because I make better decisions than you do. Today you are wealthier than yesterday because I am running the household finances. Wealth is measured by the amount of service you provide to me. Our wealth grows more each passing Mature hotwives tumblr because you are following my budget. You accept the allowance I give you Mature hotwives tumblr no questions.

If you obey me, all your financial dreams will come true. Invest in submissive mind training to increase your wealth. As your submission to me increases, my love for you grows. Obeying me is the most loving act you can do for me. To increase love in your life, you must obey me.

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I love you more with each passing day that your will surrenders to mine. Love is completely defined to Mature hotwives tumblr in the level of submission you surrender to me. There is more love in your life than ever due to your acceptance of me as your leader. Love equals happiness, and you are most happy when you listen and obey my wishes.

Love flows freely to you from everyone, because of your submission to me. Today you love yourself more because you understand that your submission to me is what you have Mature hotwives tumblr needed. Mature hotwives tumblr consider you the strongest of men because you are not afraid to submit your will to mine. It takes strength to obey, and I cherish your commitment to surrendering to me.

You are mentally and physically stronger because you listen to me. Your strength increases with each household task that I assign you. I help you grow stronger by teaching you about submission.

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You are stronger than all men, because you kneel at my feet on my command. True strength comes from allowing me to push your boundaries, and submit your will to me. I will work you harder, and command you only to make you stronger Mature hotwives tumblr day.

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Your strength is demonstrated to me through compliance to my wishes. I am free to use your body in anyway I see fit. You are my bitch, and I want you to say thank you right now. You will learn to orally please me anytime I ask with no expectations for yourself. You understand that your orgasms belong to me now, Mature hotwives tumblr I will give them to you very sparingly.

You will learn to be a good ass licker, because that is the way I want it. I will fuck your ass when I want, so that you remember who owns you. You will lick me to orgasm when I ask for it, and then thank me for the privilege.

You will masturbate in front of me for my amusement, but I will not let you cum. I will teach you stamina to increase my sexual pleasure. Your sexual Mature hotwives tumblr is not good for you, therefore we "Mature hotwives tumblr" not permit it.

You will learn to have a very strong tongue, because I have many good uses for it.

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Your cock will remain locked until I decide to let you out. I will edge you, and keep Mature hotwives tumblr horny forever, because you need to serve my sexual needs. You will learn to bend over to get spanked when I tell you too. When you do not perform your chores to my satisfaction, you will be punished. Punishments are mine to give, and you will thank me before and after. If you talk back to me you will be punished. If you displease me Mature hotwives tumblr any way you will be punished.

When I say drop, this means bend over pants down now. If I am really displeased, I may spank you in front of my friends to further punish you. You deserve to be punished just because you are a man. You will always confess your wrong doings and take your punishment like a man. My punishments will be ruthless, Mature hotwives tumblr will correct your Mature hotwives tumblr. There will be extremely humiliating punishments for extremely offensive acts.

The punishment will fit the crime. Be aware of your actions, or pay the price. I love to caption pics, so just send them through the private messaging and I wil get them done. Love to have my wife cuck me with hot guys Mature hotwives tumblr huge cocks. Interesting and classy pictures ranging from spectacular ordinary things to tasteful Hotwife, Stag, Cuckold, and MFM situations. NSFW captions involving naughty wives and girlfriends. Husband to Phillerrup. Her photos are tagged #my wife.

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