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Your guy in india


TTK products are quality certified by the world's leading certifying bodies, and the Group's joint ventures are with leading global corporations, such as SSL International, UK Durex brand of condoms.

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The Group has created and has been associated with several brands, which are now household names in India, brands like Prestige Cookware, Woodward's Gripe Water, Kohinoor condoms, Brylcreem and Kiwi Shoe polishes. The TTK name is synonymous with trust in India since The Group has a keen sense of social responsibility, and funds several charitable and social organizations.

All these have lent the TTK name a strong sense of trust as well as a feeling of being part of people's lives in India. It was the TTK group's first foray into the promising services sector and it started its operation through the website Your guy in india. After providing these critical services, it felt the need and demand for a broader offering that would provide something relevant at every stage Your guy in india the lifecycle of the NRI, be it a student, H1B worker, green card holder or a PIO Person of Indian Origin.

The website came to be known as yourmaninindia. From being a service provider that could handle a wide variety of tasks in India on behalf of NRIs, the company developed special expertise and found a niche in document procurement and attestation services across the country. It has obtained commonly required documents such as birth certificates, degree certificates and marks transcripts as well as some rarely heard of documents like bachelorhood certificate from different parts of India on "Your guy in india" of clients.

In the yearYMI got its first pilot for legalization immigration assistance from a corporate client on account of its strong experience in document procurement.

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Since then YMI has steadily progressed and moved into a leadership position in the legalisation market with a client base that includes the top IT companies in India. The company also has a division called 'GetFriday' which is a pioneer and leader in the person-to-person outsourcing space.

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GetFriday has been featured prominently in the international press for its Your guy in india offering in the form of virtual assistance to busy individuals and small businesses across the globe.

YourManInIndia is uniquely positioned to be a service window for the world to get anything done in India. The venture is backed by seamless technology, a world class CRM solution and best-in-class vendor support. With a strong distribution network at its disposal it has the ability to reach out to every nook and corner of India to serve customers.

The company has Your guy in india young and dedicated team of professionals with expertise in the service sector that continuously strives towards enhancing value to our customers.

Get access to total solutions for all your property needs in India.

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Property Management Need help on managing your house? Want buying assistance to ensure your investment is safe?

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If the birth was registered with a name, then the certificate will be issued by as. Login Details* indicates required. Login Email ID *. Password *.

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Service *. About Us. (YMI) is a company of the TTK Group.

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