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Please report posts containing spoilers unless they are hidden Playersexual the following method or are inside a Playersexual clearly Playersexual as containing spoilers. The following topics are posted weekly. Click here to find Playersexual list of past threads! What have you been playing? Player-Sexual Playersexual A good or bad Playersexual mechanic?

Player-sexual is the idea that all NPC's, no "Playersexual" the player characters gender, will always be attracted to the players gender as long as you fulfill the requisites for the romance.

Meaning, bring a Flower. Do b cuddle under the bedsheets and c fetch 10 monster skulls. I asked this Playersexual the Gaymer subreddit and I had a bit of a mixed result with most people there supporting the idea of games having this "player-sexual" mechanic.

I wanted to ask a group that "Playersexual" have an obvious bias. So, does this Playersexual realism by having essentially every character in a video game Playersexual bisexual, or does it allow for a large amount of choice? Maybe it does both? Player-sexual diminishes characterization, and reduces characters to Playersexual less than they are. I was playing a male, my favorite female party member was Sera.

Of course, in Inquisition Sera likes the ladies. This was very disappointing to my Inquisitor at first, but she ended Playersexual being my platonic best friend and it led to a far more interesting narrative to me, I felt more Playersexual to her as as a character and I was more invested in that friendship, than if she had simply said "Yeah ok you have the requisite approval its Playersexual. Also the Playersexual where my Inquisitor could flirt, and Playersexual gave a non-committal answer, Playersexual it wasn't until much later when you Playersexual just say "We'll bang ok?

Playersexual made her character feel more real, like she had a life outside away from me, like Playersexual entire personality wasn't based around me. In Dragon Age 2, it was the opposite. It Playersexual destroyed the Playersexual. Because it felt like as soon as the player character showed up, his entire character Playersexual bent to orbit around the Champion.

It is sloppy writing. Well written characters "Playersexual" worlds Playersexual feel like Playersexual also like when a character regardless of in game sexuality doesn't really want you Samara in ME2, and sort of in ME I think Playersexual is definitely the worst example of this. Hell, his orientation Playersexual based on whatever gender you pick for Hawke; IIRC there's a dialogue chain you can Playersexual get as a male Hawke that talks about how he and his tranquil friend were actually "more than just friends".

Playing as female Hawke, there's never the implication that Playersexual were anything "Playersexual" than good friends. So, he's a closeted bisexual. I totally agree with some characters should have a rigid written sexuality and that's that but I Playersexual Anders had a defined sexuality, it was just bisexual.

I don't really remember anything in Awakening that would indicate he was or wasn't bi. What events in it are Playersexual referring to? There's nothing alluding to bi in Awakening, however it does, very explicitely, tell you in his dialogues he has had his Playersexual with female members of the Playersexual he was Playersexual. Assuming he is bi comes Playersexual accepting as a Playersexual he was into men too Playersexual no mention of it prior to 2 and apparently only if Hawke is male given "Playersexual" above post?

I may be getting the Playersexual message here so correct me if "Playersexual" wrong, but youre saying he can't be bi because he implied he had sex with women in the "Playersexual" I don't understand why that means he can't also like men, there's plenty of reasons he could have only had sex with women Playersexual without not liking "Playersexual," and Playersexual entirely possible him having Playersexual with men as well at a different time just didn't come up in conversation.

I mean how many times Playersexual mentioning your sexual exploits come up in conversation, even as a joke, its very likely he had Playersexual other sexual encounters outside of Playersexual tower situation he mentioned, and if the character was later revealed to be bisexual then you can probably assume he had fun Playersexual men, its just he was only interested in the women at the tower, he didn't like Playersexual men there for whatever reason or countless other reasons for him to not mention them.

Playersexual not saying he can't be bi, Playersexual saying it requires good faith by the player over the retcon that he liked men with no signals of so both for him to not be player-sexual, but canonical bi which to begin with would lose believability given the post saying Playersexual only happens if male. Another problem is that being closeted isn't really alluded in 2 in any interactions.

I'm not passing a judgement, I'm just presenting whatever facts there are and where they point. The dialogue was pretty "Playersexual." I don't think if he was bi it would have necessarily come up though, how often does your sexuality Playersexual up when talking to people? I don't think its unlikely for him not to Playersexual having relations with men. What signals would Playersexual needed for you? Would he have had to blatantly said that he had had relations with a man before at some point in Playersexual dialogue?

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The Developers may have been a bit shitty and changed him to be player-sexual and only be bi if you play a male character, which is a valid thing to be annoyed about, but storywise there doesn't seem to be any reason why he wouldn't be bi, and I don't feel a game has to Playersexual what sexuality a character is the game before he is a romance option. If the game had said he was not interested in men, or Playersexual this character maybe they said he was gay in Playersexual next game which wouldn't make sense since he made the jokes about the women in the tower then I would fully understand where you're coming from, and it would definitely be an annoying retcon.

Since the only thing that seems to be a problem is that Playersexual last game it was never hinted at "Playersexual" told that he was bisexual but in this game it did, I don't see a story problem with that at all, I don't think it even relies on good faith unless there's some contradiction that popped up, for me it just falls into the category of things Playersexual do offscreen and assume they do, such as most video games characters never sleeping or eating, rather than assume that they are some Playersexual human beast that doesn't require rest or food we assume that Playersexual just don't see it and they act as we'd expect.

Fallout 4 allows you to...

With the bisexual reveal thing I would assume he was always bi and it just never came up in conversation in the last game, it makes perfect sense for a Playersexual person to say a line of dialogue about Playersexual conquests with women and not have mentioned the past conquests with men, chances are he also has many other women he hasn't mentioned to the player too.

I think were both looking at it from different angles, you Playersexual looking to see if there was any reasoning to him being bi in the earlier game and since there was no evidence Playersexual he was bi it Playersexual like it doesn't fit, whilst I am looking at it Playersexual seeing since there Playersexual saying anything about him not being bi then it makes perfect sense to me.

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Oh, you don't know the story behind the robes? You know how strict things are in the Circle, right? Of course you do. Well, the robes make quick trysts in the "Playersexual" easy. No Playersexual or buttons. You're done before Playersexual templars catch on.

I just searched for dialogue including robes "Playersexual" this Playersexual http: If this is the quote then it doesnt even mention women, it could be men or women right unless I'm missing something? This is exactly how I feel about it. And he wouldn't be ostracized Playersexual his family for being gay. I think Playersexual, instead of demanding that we be able to digitally sleep with whoever we want, it would be better to have well written characters with a set backstory, and when we crush on someone Playersexual isn't interested in whichever gender we chose, we deal with Playersexual like normal people: I think Playersexual important thing to note about gay Playersexual is that they've been historically un-represented until the last decade for the most part.


When playing a video game...

They finally have that fantasy romance outlet that basically all straight gamers have had to this point, since every character was, by default, straight. Obviously it would be realistic to make everyone who they are and that means not making them all player-sexual some would definitely be bi, but that's another story. However, the flip side to this is that we need Playersexual really do our part to make representation something that isn't weird or rare.

When we "Playersexual" good representation, there won't be Playersexual reason to make every character player-sexual. Alternatively this is taking it all in a very different directionif you view each individual playthrough of a game as canon, there's Playersexual nothing that explicitly suggests a lot of these characters being bisexual. They could be gay in Playersexual playthrough and straight in another. The game Playersexual designed to give that freedom to the NPC and Playersexual player.

Of course, for most of these characters, they're written as straight characters in every "Playersexual" except their Playersexual capabilities, which is problematic. And thus, you have the problem "Playersexual" individualizing characters that you bring up with Dorian, who I love. Being able to make someone's sexual identity a central part of their character can be important, and making them player-sexual either means writing the character twice dependent on player's gender or making them vanilla Playersexual to fit both, which is boring.

It's a fascinating topic either way, but I'm inclined to say Playersexual representation for games in general, and fewer player-sexual characters specifically. I am quite aware of the under-representation, being a gay gamer myself, I just feel like playersexual is the "Playersexual" way out which from the rest of your comment, seems like we agree on that.

The problem with "Playersexual" is that the character's writing feels watered Playersexual. I Playersexual really have a problem distinguishing between Playersexual Dorian for example when Playersexual play a female Playersexual gay Dorian if I play a male.

But Dorian as a whole won't Playersexual as well written and fleshed out, in either canon. I'll touch a bit Playersexual bisexual characters, since it sorta comes up in these discussions. I'll use Zevran from DAO as an example; if you hit on him as a guy, he flirts back, and the Warden is a little surprised.

He then explains that he's never really understood having a hang up over gender, and is more than happy to sleep with whoever interests him. I've never done this sequence as a female opting to romance Alistair in those cases, to see what I missedso I'm not sure if he reveals himself to female characters. Yeah, I legitimately like Dorian because he feels like one of the best written gay characters I've seen in "Playersexual" game.

I wish he was just a tad bit "Playersexual" clothes obsessed at times Though I suspect his character does that on Playersexual just to Playersexual with people at this pointbut overall he's one of my favorite DA characters.

I "Playersexual" think it's hilarious that he messes with a female inquisitor up through his personal quest. I love Dorian to death, he's so overconfident and sassy. Sure, sometimes he feels like he's playing up to stereotypes, but his dialogue is fantastic Playersexual hilarious, Playersexual I wouldn't have him any other way: Samara is more of a Playersexual be down but Playersexual don't Playersexual it'd be a good idea" thing, though.

She actually Playersexual paragon Shepard, but doesn't go for it, Playersexual a variety of reasons that her backstory and side Playersexual should make clear. What I also liked Playersexual Dragon Age Inquistion besides some characters being bi,straight, or gay, I liked how some people would only romance you if you were a certain race. For example Solas only romances female elves. To me it just made the romances feel more real. I actually Playersexual Dorian was kind of a better example.

Because pretty early on he makes it Playersexual that he will flirt and tease with you forever but that is as far as it gets if you "Playersexual" a female inquisitor. But you can still Playersexual best friends. Player-sexual** is the idea that all NPC's, no matter the player characters gender, will always be attracted to Playersexual players gender as long as. Sexual relationships between sports coaches and and year-olds in their care will be made illegal, says sports minister Tracey Crouch.

When playing a video game with a character creator (especially if you can pick a species) you may notice that there Playersexual some (and in some cases all) NPCs that.

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I feel like that ship has sailed. Normally I'd say player-sexual isn't a great thing as it stifles character development and good story-telling for the sake of political correctness. It doesn't make sense to me to have Player-sexual mechanics. When he shacks up with a doctor in ME3 it's amazing how many Jacob fans felt betrayed considering the whole situation.

Avelline is player-asexual, which was refreshing since she totally friendzones you and it can be a whole thing. I totally agree with some characters should have a rigid written sexuality and that's that but I think Anders had a defined sexuality, it was just bisexual. On a side note, the relationship storyline doesn't even have to have sex in it for any viable story reasons.

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The police report that serves as the basis for sexual punch allegations against four Purdue football players shows the interaction started with electronic messages sent about the women making the claims. Two female Purdue students charge four football players engaged in unwanted sexual activity with them at an off-campus house in October. She says most news is conveyed through nonverbal cues such as tone of present and body language. View the discussion thread. This story has been updated from its aboriginal form to include an discussion with the lawyer for the accusers.

Purdue Vice President throughout Strategic Communications Julie Rosa declined a taped interview but issued a statement Wednesday saying the players had been suspended from the team and the delving was ongoing.

This was a decision year or sort of a pivotal year for our football program. We all knew that going into the year; I knew that when I arrived here.


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Sensuous relationships intervening sports coaches and and year-olds in their direction will be made outlawed, says gamess minister Tracey Crouch. The age of consent in the UK is 16, although that is extended to 18 if a person holds a contention of keeping. Crouch said she has "ministerial agreement" with the Ministry of Justice and Home Shtick indulgence to work in coaches.

There have disused calls in regard to changes to the law since details emerged of historic progeny sex misuse in football. Media playback is not supported on this logo. Thursday 16 November marks a year to the day since former Crewe midfielder Andy Woodward spoke out for the sake of the elementary time on every side the pervert he faced during the s. Bend down referenced Woodward's bravery and said it had made the guidance and the entire pastimes sector get this put out "incredibly seriously".

The proposed change in the law involves amending the Propagative Offences Move , but Crouch did not put how sustained it would take. The Offside Corporation, which supports those impacted by youth sex exploit, tweeted:


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Am i overreacting or was he a complete jerk?? Just wondering what people prefer when it comes to romances in CoG. ever since Bioware made the switch to creating exclusive romances for every sexuality no one has been satisfied with their choices. Straight..

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