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Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating


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Sports Winter Sports Snowboarding. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? I started skiing when i was 3 and switched to snowboarding when i was ten and have been doing it ever since. Skiing is a lot easier to learn, however it's more tiring in my opinion. You put a lot of pressure on your legs and Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating which can begin to Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating after a while, and you can't stop to sit down. However, skiing is a lot of fun and once you get better at it and less scared, going fast down the hill is a thrill!

Plus, if you have to go on a cat walk trails to get to different parts of the mountain you can use your poles to push you, you can't do that with snowboarding so you either have to be going extremely fast or unbuckled one of your boots.

The worst part about skiing though is if you fall. Which isn't very liking compared to snowboarding. If you fall while snowboarding, it takes almost no effort Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating back up. However, iIf you fall while skiing, you'll almost never be able to get up without help. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but it's horrible. That being said about skiing, i absolutely love snowboarding "Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating" would recommend it to anyone!

It does take a little more balance and getting used to, but once you get better there's no turning back. It's such an adrenaline rush, and you can feel every little bump in the snow which can be a bad Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating if your balance isn't very good.

It's also nice to be able to stop and sit down if you get tired. Snowboarding does take a little extra time to learn and get used, so you'll probably fall often the first two days. No matter which one you end up choosing, you'll like it, they are both so much fun.

So there's really no pressure in choosing the right one: However, I would recomend snowboarding, it is a lot more fun and laid back in my opinion.

I started skiing when i...

Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating ski boots suck, you can hardly walk in them. I skied for 9 years and i have also snowboarded for 5. I think skiing was easier to learn but that could be because i was 5 when i started. Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating i think you get more speed and is more of a style ride. Skiing everyone seems stiff and has the same motions. I think it is also easier to do tricks with a snowboard. Asking this is in the snowboarding section of answers will get you a lot of bias answers Like this answer for example: If you want to to look cool on the slopes, then go with snowboarding.

If your looking for a sport to try I wouldn't ask some people and go from there. At the start of the season just go out rent some skis and a snowboard and just try them out. Ride what you think you'll have the most fun doing in the future and go from there.

It's winter, and the snow...

I think everyone should start with sking wen there little i skied when i was 5 till i was 8 then i switched to snowboarding. I learn first snowboarding and that was very hard for me. And after so long practicing of snowboarding I was "Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating" to catch up new tricks. I love also skiing when its vacation I usually go killington ski trip. If you're a skier, you're Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating to say skiing is better, if you're a boarder, you're going to say boarding is better.

And no, not all skiers are "snotty and prissy", and not all boarders are "crazy and fun". Hell, I'm a skier myself, and my friends and I that are skiers, we can be more crazy and fun then our boarding friends a lot of the time!

Skiing is easier to pick...

Now what I've heard, is skiing is easier to begin with But Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating course, it's all the person! Skiing's a lot more forgiving when you bail though.

D and on skis, the worst injury I've had is maybe a sprained ankle, slight chance of a minor concussion gotta love skiing double blacks in the dense fog right? But again, that was me, I suck on any kind of boards skateboards, skim boards, you name it.

i found myself picking up...

And yes, it can be more tiring, it's kind of doing half squats for hours, but it's fun! There is no "better one" or the "stereotypical one" or "one that's only for the fun, crazy "Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating" young", it's just whatever you decide to try, and what you love to do. There's always going to be arguments on what's better. Try new things, maybe a snowboarder might like skiing better, or maybe a skier might like boarding.

Advanced skier, skis with both boarders and skiers on a regular basis If you want the speed and maneuverability, Skiing vs snowboarding yahoo dating go with skiing. Definately snowboarding shred the slopes, cool tricks and alot of amplitude the winter x games rule!!!!

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