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The protective potential and possible mechanism of Phyllanthus amarus Schum. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Furthermore, the hepatoprotective mechanisms were investigated by determining the amount of paracetamol and its metabolites glucuronide, sulfate, cysteine and mercapturic acid conjugates in urine and pentobarbital-induced sleeping time to indicate the inhibition on cytochrome P The involvement of glutathione was evaluated by determining hepatic reduced glutathione.

Its radical scavenging activity, iron chelating activity and total phenolic content were also determined. The results "Frutas climaticas yahoo dating" that the extract at the doses of 1. These results support the Frutas climaticas yahoo dating of P.

Alpha-glucosidase inhibitory effect and inorganic constituents of Phyllanthus amarus Schum. Oral glucose and sucrose tolerance test were performed on normal mice.

The element concentrations were measured by inductively coupled plasma ICP spectroscopy. Single oral administration of P. These results indicate that the antihyperglycemic effect of P. Cancer ameliorating Frutas climaticas yahoo dating of Phyllanthus amarus: In vivo and in Phyllanthus amarus is one of them that have enormous medicinal potential. In these experiments, we Antimicrobial activity of Phyllanthus amarus on some human International Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Frutas climaticas yahoo dating. Phyllanthus amarus is an economic plant grown in West.

Clonal propagation of Phyllanthus amarus: The micropropagation protocol for Phyllanthus amarusan important medicinal herb used widely for the treatment of hepatitis in ethnomedicinal systems, was standardized with shoot tip and single node explants. The micropropagation was carried out for the hyperproducing ecotype phyllanthin content For micropropagation studies, the leaves were trimmed off and the shoot tips 6 mm long and nodal segments single node were used for initiation.

Shoot tips and single node explants gave a maximum of 6. Upon subculturing, a shoot length of around 7 cm with an average of eight internodes per shoot was observed after 20 days in the elongation medium supplemented with BAP 0. The rooted Frutas climaticas yahoo dating acclimatized successfully to field conditions. A method for successful micropropagation of Frutas climaticas yahoo dating valuable medicinal plant was established which will provide a better source for continuous supply of plants for manufacturing drugs.

Effects of oral administration of Phyllanthus amarus leaf extract on The histological findings indicated that the treated sections of the kidneys showed hypertrophy of blood vessels, mild-severe infiltrate of chronic inflammatory cells and varying degrees of tubular necrosis when compared to the control sections.

The findings indicated that the administration of Phyllanthus amarus extract has Histological effects of chronic administration of Phyllanthus amarus Effects of administration of Phyllanthus amarus commonly used for the treatment of jaundice, diarrhea, dysentery, urogenital disease and wound on the superior colliculus of adult wistar rats was carefully studied.

ED-XRF spectrometry-based comparative inorganic profile of leaf-derived in vitro calli and in vivo leaf samples of Phyllanthus amarus Schum. Experimental results Frutas climaticas yahoo dating that, compared to the naturally grown herb, in vitro leaf-derived callus cultures were more efficient in accumulating inorganic elements, especially trace elements, which are essential for growth and development and more importantly for prevention and cure of diseases.

This investigation on a medicinal plant species is the first of its kind to have used the ED-XRF technique to demonstrate a comparative account of the elemental profile of in vitro callus cultures with their in vivo donor in order to explore the possibility of exploiting the former as a viable alternative and a renewable source of phytochemicals. The Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence ED-XRF set-up incorporating a molybdenum secondary exciter was used for quantitative determination of major and minor elements in leaves of in vivo grown medicinal herb Phyllanthus amarus vis-a-vis its leaf-derived in vitro callus culture.

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The extracts were also examined for their potential to inhibit the growth of clinical isolates following standard procedure. Authenticity analyses Frutas climaticas yahoo dating Phyllanthus amarus using barcoding coupled with HRM analysis to control its quality for medicinal plant product.

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The Phyllanthus genus, a plant used Frutas climaticas yahoo dating traditional Thai medicine, has according to several pharmacopeias hepatoprotective properties.

This study attempted to develop a method for accurate identification of Phyllanthus species, especially Phyllanthus amarusand to detect contaminants in P. The five species of Phyllanthus were subjected to amplification for testing the specificity and discrimination power of the designed primers derived from rbcL and trnL regions.

The result Frutas climaticas yahoo dating that Tm of P. All commercial products of P.

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Effects of Orthosiphon grandiflorus, Hibiscus sabdariffa and Phyllanthus amarus extracts on risk factors for urinary calcium oxalate stones in rats. We evaluated the antilithic effect of Frutas climaticas yahoo dating grandiflorus, Hibiscus sabdariffa and Phyllanthus amarus extracts on known risk factors for calcium oxalate stones in rats.

We divided 30 male Wistar rats into 5 equal groups. One glycolate fed group served as the untreated group and the others were given oral extracts of Orthosiphon grandiflorus, Hibiscus sabdariffa or Phyllanthus amarus at a dose of 3. We collected hour urine and blood samples. Kidneys were harvested for histological examination. We measured the renal tissue content of calcium and oxalate.

The Hibiscus sabdariffa group showed significantly decreased serum oxalate and glycolate, and higher oxalate urinary excretion.

The Phyllanthus amarus group showed significantly increased urinary citrate vs the untreated group. Histological examination revealed less CaOx crystal deposition in the kidneys of Hibiscus sabdariffa and Phyllanthus amarus treated rats than in untreated rats.

Those rats also had significantly lower renal tissue calcium content than untreated rats. All parameters in the Orthosiphon grandiflorus treated group were Frutas climaticas yahoo dating to those in the untreated group. Hibiscus sabdariffa and Phyllanthus amarus decreased calcium crystal deposition in the kidneys. The antilithic effect of Hibiscus sabdariffa may be related to decreased oxalate retention in the kidney and more excretion into urine while that of Phyllanthus amarus "Frutas climaticas yahoo dating" depend on increased urinary citrate.

In contrast, administering Orthosiphon grandiflorus had no antilithic effect. Published by Elsevier Inc. Full Text Available Background: The physicochemical properties, antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of crude extracts and fractions from P. The antioxidant activity of PAM extract was significantly higher p amarus.

All the plant extracts strongly inhibited the migration of polymorphonuclear leukocytes PMNs with the Malaysian P.

There was moderate inhibition by the extracts of the bacteria engulfment by the phagocytes with the Malaysian P.

Phyllanthin and hypophyllanthin exhibited relatively strong activity against PMNs chemotaxis, with IC50 values slightly lower than that of ibuprofen 1. Phyllanthin exhibited strong inhibitory activity on the oxidative burst with an IC50 Frutas climaticas yahoo dating comparable to that of aspirin 1.

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Phyllanthin exhibited strong engulfment inhibitory activity with percentage of phagocytizing cells of The strong inhibitory activity of the extracts was due to the presence of high amounts of phyllanthin and hypophyllanthin although other constituents may also contribute.

The novel endophytic actinomycete strain PAT was isolated from the stem of Phyllanthus amarus. The strain displayed the consistent characteristics of members of the genus Streptomyces. The strain produced short spiral spore chains on aerial mycelia.

It contained ll-diaminopimelic acid, Frutas climaticas yahoo dating and ribose in the whole-cell hydrolysate. The polar lipids were composed of diphosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylinositol mannoside and four unknown lipids. On the basis of these phenotypic and genotypic characteristics, the strain could be distinguished from closely related species of the genus Streptomyces and thus represents a novel species of the genus Streptomyces, for which the name Streptomyces phyllanthi sp.

Nanosuspension of Phyllanthus amarus extract for improving oral bioavailability and prevention of paracetamol induced hepatotoxicity in Sprague—Dawley rats. Due to the poor water solubility of its major constituents such as lignans and flavonoids, "Frutas climaticas yahoo dating" absorption upon oral administration could be limited.

The present study was designed to evaluate and compare the hepatoprotective effects of the ethanolic extract of P. Insulin resistance IR is a characteristic feature of obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular diseases.

Frutas climaticas yahoo dating evidence suggests that the high-fructose consumption is a potential and important factor responsible for the rising incidence of IR. Regarding hepatic antioxidant status, higher lipid peroxidation and protein oxidation, lower reduced glutathione levels and lower activities of enzymatic antioxidants, and the histopathological changes like mild to severe distortion Frutas climaticas yahoo dating the normal architecture as well as Frutas climaticas yahoo dating prominence Frutas climaticas yahoo dating widening of the liver sinusoids observed in the HF diet-fed rats were significantly prevented by PAAE treatment.

These findings indicate that PAAE is beneficial in improving insulin sensitivity and attenuating metabolic syndrome and hepatic oxidative stress in fructose-fed rats. Effect of ethanolic leave extract of phyllantus amarus on carbon Pharmacognostical study of Tamalaki Phyllanthus fraternus Webstera herb used in Tamaka-svasa.

Tamalaki is a herbacious medicinal plant, described in Ayurvedic texts in many occurrences with different properties, actions, uses and synonyms, supposed to indicate more than one species commonly used in practice. Modern scholars mostly suggest Phyllanthus fraternus Webster syn. In this study, an attempt has been "Frutas climaticas yahoo dating" to designate P.

Smooth capsule, six tepals, less and short fibrous root, pentagonal outline with wing-shaped young stem are some of the specific characters observed in this species.

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Phytochemical Analysis of the Leaves of Phyllanthus amarus and Hepatoprotective activity of Phyllanthus reticulatus. The rats receiving the fractions showed promising hepatoprotective activity as evident from significant changes of pentobarbital-induced sleeping time, changes in serum levels of sGPT, sGOT, sALP and bilirubin and also from histopathological changes as compared to CCl 4 -intoxicated rats. Effect of ethanolic leaves extract of phyllantus amarus on cisplatin Qualitative phytochemical screening of P.

Phyllanthus species plants are a rich source of phenolics and widely used due to their medicinal properties. The identification of diagnostic fragment ions and optimization of collision energies were carried out using 21 reference standards. Totally 51 compounds were identified which include 21 Frutas climaticas yahoo dating identified and characterized unambiguously by comparison with their authentic standards and the remaining 30 were tentatively identified and characterized in ethanolic extracts of P.

Anti-nociceptive activity of Hygrophila auriculata Schum Heine Hygrophila auriculata Schum Frutas climaticas yahoo dating syn Asteracantha longifolia Nees, Acanthaceae was described in ayurvedic literature as Ikshura, Ikshugandha, and Kokilasha. The plant was extensively used in traditional system of medicine for various ailments like rheumatism, inflammation, jaundice, hepatic obstruction, pain, etc.

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The protective potential and possible mechanism of Phyllanthus amarus Schum. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Furthermore, the hepatoprotective mechanisms were investigated by determining the amount of paracetamol and its metabolites glucuronide, sulfate, cysteine and mercapturic acid conjugates in urine and pentobarbital-induced sleeping time to indicate the inhibition on cytochrome P The involvement of glutathione was evaluated by determining hepatic reduced glutathione.

Its radical scavenging activity, iron chelating activity and total phenolic content were also determined. The results showed that the extract at the doses of 1. These results support the value of P. Alpha-glucosidase inhibitory effect and inorganic constituents of Phyllanthus amarus Schum. NuVid

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Frutas climaticas yahoo dating

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Frutas climaticas yahoo dating

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How often is normal? Revised Date: 07/ Accessibility Information and Tips Santos Mesquita, Naasoom Luiz1 [email protected] disponha de todas as variáveis climáticas necessárias para a estimativa pelo método padrão. goiaba, maracujá, e citros, frutas comumente produzidas no semiárido baiano, o que possibilita a. Frutas exóticas desde Colombia para mercados de Europa . pera a , debido a las condiciones climáticas favorables durante el invierno y la floración..

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