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Brazzers scam


I signed up for a 1 dollar trial with brazzers and they ran me all over Brazzers scam to cancel that it took me about 2 weeks to complete cancellation. By that time i Brazzers scam been charged the initial 1 dollar Brazzers scam as It's a total scam. I was charged It is a scam do not go to brazzers. I want to put my money back in an emergency and Brazzers scam want to cancel I close my account I complained.

I similar thing happened to me. They charged me claiming that there was a checked box that I chose to upgrade with. Thing is, the box is already checked on the page. You have to uncheck it. The language around the box is hazey and does not explain that you will be ed into paying a full Brazzers scam no matter what.

Then the billing support was totally snooty and condescending.

Consumer reviews about brazzers

What Brazzers scam bunch of a-holes. I guess I asked for it in signing up for some sketchy porn. The same thing had happened to me but they did refund me for the Brazzers scam which they over Brazzers scam me so no worries, they are legit! I uncheck't the bottom offer just to find out later I magically check it. I ask't to talk Brazzers scam a manager, he said he was the manager!

Such a large company and the managers answere the billing Brazzers scam, bull. He explained I Brazzers scam up for brazzers real aswell and hade to go their and cancel, they were a diffrent company.

I explained Brazzers scam was still the one charging billing me and I was talking to the right person Brazzers scam not.

I also explaind their is no link to the support page on brazzers mobile to allow people to cancel, I hade to google it. I then told him the cancelation page ask't what was the billing company and so I chose brazzers and it never said smithing about a diffrent website when it said I canceled my account and no more charges would occur.

I told him if I canceled my account for that company brazzers and that company was still charging me, other website or not, I canceled the billing for their company which is the same company that charges you for the "other website". Same thing just happened to me. I joined from my iPod for a 1. I Brazzers scam two emails for two different memberships. One was to convert to monthly on December 5th, and the other on December 6th.

I canceled my accounts less than 16 hours after I joined, on December 4th. The lady would not let me talk, and when I asked to speak to her supervisor she said she Brazzers scam the supervisor.

Brazzers hospital scam FREE videos...

She said it is Brazzers scam fault that I did not uncheck the box. Brazzers scam bank account says the payment was authorized on December 3rd, and it went through on the 4th. This is fraudulent, and completely illegal. This won't be the end of it. I signed up for brazzers. If you guys normally sign up to porn sites you know that the trials don't give you much, that is why you either have to purchase a full membership or upgrade your membership.

Sometimes we need to take responsibility for our actions, I know that when I sign up to a porn site have to spend that 1 minute using my mind to see exactly what im signing up for.

Mistakes like these can be made all the time when we are not vigilant of the terms. Got me to girls were nice but will never c the money found out they were in montreal canada my next customers from canada in going to charge double mdickin gmail.

I found the extra charge when I clearly unchecked the box, so I read up on this problem, and I decided to call them. To my surprise they Brazzers scam nice enough to take the charge off, I told them I even had a screenshot, which I did. Obviously they took the chance to throw additional promotions at me, but I declined Brazzers scam, and that was that.

I was talking to a Robert Promotions ext. For those people who did not uncheck the box, I don't know what to tell you. Whenever there's money involved you need to read the fine print. Hello, I signed up for the 2 day trial and got billed Brazzers scam dollars and then got billed another 29 dollars for the brazzersreel. I demanded a refund twice for this same scam and they would not do it.

I believe that is a scam in itself! As for cancelling, I logged into brazzers.

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There's a picture that pops up and blocks the bottom menu. "Brazzers scam" you click "remind me later" it goes away, and you can click "help". It offers Brazzers scam couple options, email support brazzers. I opened up the live support chat.

They didn't say anything and I waited two minutes until it timed out. I opened it up again Brazzers scam typed in "hello" - they responded pretty quickly. I was then told that www. I signed in to cancel the account, but also noticed a 'live chat'. I canceled Brazzers scam account, and asked in live chat to confirm cancellation.

They told me that I had cancelled my brazzers. I did not see that from the panel I had access toso I asked them to cancel it, and they said they did. Man, I can't believe I paid for something that's worse than any of the free stuff out there! Please let me help u. The best thing to do for now is follow his advice.

3 days ago Consumer complaints...

"Brazzers scam" just got it done over the phone while typing this feeling mentally exhausted and I already see the confirmation email. Sigh, Brazzers rocks but it's too tricky to get involved with. So unless u're filthy rich, try to give this a pass I will wait for it and re-post here to see if the steps i took were the right one. Don't want Brazzers scam to be in the same predicament. Hope that's the end.

Ok so I did "Brazzers scam" whole trial BS that give u like 4 videos. I call to make sure there is no tricks, asked specifically to cancel any types of charges what so ever to my card. They said they did. Called 4 times just to make sure its canceled, and the last guy said "sir you called 3 times already, it is canceled" and assured me there will be no future charges. Can anyone help confirm this? This is such a scam.

I was charged for a lot of money as well. Scam site, it happened to me as well. They charged the billing before the trial ended up. How do I get it back??? Scam Contests Brazzers Customer Service scam. HD porn videos - Scam Brazzers | Online HD porn in high defenition! It's amazing !. Consumer complaints and reviews about Brazzers.

fraud. Entertainment. Brazzers hospital scam FREE videos found on for this Brazzers scam.

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